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CRM Ready’s™ suite of products provides organizations a practical way to use technology to leverage sales process for improved collaboration and planning. Available to Miller Heiman clients who have Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, Large Account Management Process℠, Channel Partner Management℠, Strategic Selling® Funnel Management or Funnel Scorecard® methodologies in place, this suite of tools is the premium version of the respective sales tools for each methodology.

The CRM Ready™ suite of products gives the sales force improved visibility into the buying organization’s activity. By making it easier to assess information, sales professionals can better diagnose necessary action commitments that will advance each sales opportunity through the funnel. The integrated platform makes tapping into the power of Miller Heiman Group’s planning and funnel management tools easy, accelerating the adoption of concepts and implementation of program processes.

CRM Ready™ tools can be delivered by integrating directly into the organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and has been designed to be compatible with most CRM systems in the market today.

CRM Ready™ supports organizations in their efforts to

  • Monitor current plans for closing opportunities to improve forecast accuracy
  • Gain visibility into the status of Buying Influences to determine next steps
  • Hold salespeople accountable for defining strategies for each strategic sales opportunity
  • Assess whether strategic account plans will continuously enhance relationships with valued accounts
  • Identify early indications of trouble to avoid surprises
  • Make better decisions based on facts and experience from prior sales opportunities
  • Facilitate collaboration on opportunities and major accounts
  • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of channel relationships
  • Instill a culture that drives precision

How your organization will benefit

Enable field salespeople to

  • Spend less time developing sales strategies and more time acting on them
  • More easily communicate with the leadership team on the status of large sales opportunities
  • Leverage company-specific best practices specific to the type of deal they are pursuing
  • Better understand what a winning strategy looks like
  • Easily access sales process reinforcement information

Enable sales management and senior leadership to

  • Have more confidence in sales forecasting
  • Easily monitor sales reps’ adoption of the sales process after leaving the program
  • Leverage a new set of sales analytic data, captured in Miller Heiman Group planning tools
  • Make more educated, data-driven decisions about how to best focus sales improvement resources
  • Understand what it means to develop a winning sales strategy
  • Ramp up individuals taking over a new sales territory
  • Easily drive sales process usage expectations
  • Pinpoint the return on investment with Miller Heiman Group
  • Quickly view a visual funnel of opportunities for your organization or team

For all other CRM systems, the CRM Ready™ Software Developers Kit can be used to implement the planning tools and funnel management tools. The Support and Maintenance package includes annual live software training for your team, guidance on the development of reports and adjustments as CRM Ready™ tools are updated.

Delivery Options

Whether you are looking for in-person training, digital options, an integrated approach or a blended solution, we can ensure an experience that best suits your workforce.

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