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SPIN® Selling Conversations is an intense, immersive and engaging one-day program that incorporates real-world sales conversations. The program trains sales professionals to lead compelling conversations with decision makers that inspire confidence and lead to quicker decision making.

SPIN® Selling Conversations is a research-based, advanced questioning skills program that combines SPIN® Selling’s proven methodology with today’s best practices in B2B selling. The interactive classroom program integrates in-depth exercises, drills and activities, giving participants opportunities to acquire and practice new skills. Online manager-led and individual reinforcement modules and assessments help sharpen and elevate sales aptitude beyond the classroom experience.

SPIN® Selling Conversations may be the right solution if your sales organization is trying to:

  • Overcome sales cycles that are too long and opportunities that languish in the funnel
  • Gain the ability to conduct insightful conversations with customers to explore “unrecognized” needs and accelerate sales cycles
  • Develop the skills to overcome customer indifference
  • Ignite a sense of urgency, so customers see the need to change or take action

Who should attend

SPIN® Selling Conversations is designed for all sales professionals and leaders (C-suite executives, vice presidents, managers, directors) who want to:

  • Find ways to differentiate offerings from the competition, even in a commodity environment
  • Sell to senior executives, buying committees, and end users – often at the same time and in the same account
  • Present offerings with high impact, avoiding “feature dumps” and discounting
  • Make credible sales calls at senior-executive levels
  • Tackle goals related to pipeline growth, funnel management and customer retention

How your organization will benefit

With SPIN® Selling Conversations, organizations will conduct more effective sales calls, obtain better outcomes and successfully build trustworthy relationships with customers by:

  • Aligning offerings to customer needs to increase acceptance
  • Improving the quality and quantity of customer commitments
  • Providing insights that help customers think differently about their challenges and needs
  • Creating competitive differentiation
  • Engaging in sophisticated conversations and uncovering hidden information 

Delivery Options

Whether you are looking for in-person training, digital options, an integrated approach or a blended solution, we can ensure an experience that best suits your workforce.

Instructor Led Training

Digital Learning Options

Integrated Training

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