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Strategic Selling® with Perspective builds on our time-tested sales methodology with additional strategic analysis around the changing expectations of the modern buyer. For more than 40 years, Strategic Selling® and its iconic Blue Sheet offered world-class organizations a repeatable, consistent and scalable approach to strategy development for complex sales. Expanding that proven methodology, we’ve introduced the concept of “perspective” to emphasize the need to add value early in the sales process by understanding your customer’s objectives in a deeper way.

Now called Strategic Selling® with Perspective, our core sales training program – considered the gold standard by Fortune 1000 companies across the globe – still gives your sellers the process and tools they need to conduct a strategic analysis for complex deals that involve multiple decision-makers. The updated methodology builds on that foundation for sales effectiveness with new material that addresses changing buyer preferences and digital disruption in the sales process. Specifically, the course covers how world-class sales professionals can provide perspective that adds value to the process, diagnoses customer objectives and collaboratively creates solutions.

With the introduction of Scout by Miller Heiman Group, a sales analytics platform that weaponizes Strategic Selling® with Perspective in the field, the Blue Sheet moves into the cloud as a digital and mobile tool. Offered to sales professionals who complete the program, Scout by Miller Heiman Group reinforces the methodology by giving sellers recommendations on next steps, flagging deals that need attention and identifying behavior that correlates to winning. Unlike CRMs, Scout by Miller Heiman Group rewards sellers for entering real-time deal data into their Blue Sheets by helping them put their training into action and win more deals.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective is a trusted sales process that improves your organization’s ability to win complex deals with a systematic, insights-driven approach to opportunity management. Our combination of timeless sales methodology and modern sales technology will transform your organization and drastically improve your odds of winning.

What has changed?

The new Strategic Selling® with Perspective provides customers with a research-backed approach to managing complex sales opportunities, incorporating research from CSO Insights and years of best practices in the market. Miller Heiman Group has made four major changes to its core sales training program.

Updated Methodology: Providing Perspective to Your Customers
Miller Heiman Group’s updated Strategic Selling® methodology introduces “perspective” into the sales process to address evolving buyer preferences. Perspective is a seller point of view that establishes credibility with buyers, engages them in a deeper way as a problem-solver, and helps them achieve their objectives.

Refreshed Blue Sheet: Updating an Iconic Sales Tool
The iconic Blue Sheet gets a facelift as part of Strategic Selling® with Perspective. The refreshed Blue Sheet now more clearly aligns sales training with action planning that incorporates the concept of perspective.

Innovative Technology: Introducing Scout by Miller Heiman Group
Scout by Miller Heiman Group is a sales analytics platform that combines the company’s trusted sales methodology with innovative sales technology. Scout by Miller Heiman Group leverages data and prescriptive analytics to drive seller actions, change deal outcomes and replicate winning.

Refined Classroom Experience: Aligning to the Modern Learner
The classroom experience aligns more closely than ever to the needs of the modern learner. The redesigned two-day Strategic Selling® with Perspective workshop includes an updated curriculum, new team challenge activities and more real-world application.

What you’ll learn

Strategic Selling® with Perspective will teach you how to:

  • Collect and analyze information to develop a successful sales strategy
  • Provide perspective through industry knowledge, customer business acumen and internal expertise
  • Document action plans with the Blue Sheet strategic analysis tool
  • Secure approval from multiple decision-makers
  • Navigate the bureaucracy of complex organizations and sales processes
  • Identify key players and understand their degrees of influence and reasons for buying
  • Develop a coach and gauge the prospect’s receptivity to change and your proposed solution
  • Evaluate the strengths, risks and red flags of any sales opportunity
  • Move from strategy to action with an opportunity scorecard
  • Increase close rates for opportunities with long sales cycles

Who should attend

Any member of the organization involved in selling, from field salespeople to senior management to sales support, should be involved in the implementation of your sales process. Using a common sales process is an effective way to foster collaboration among those who are in direct and indirect sales roles, and improve the speed and accuracy of communication about sales opportunities.

How your organization will benefit

Enable field salespeople to:

  • Provide perspective that makes them an invaluable part of the sales process
  • Diagnose and address the customer’s stated objective
  • Identify and position solutions with the true decision-makers
  • Analyze each decision-maker’s receptivity to change to determine whether a sale is possible
  • Close business consistently from quarter to quarter and avoid the “roller coaster” pattern of sales
  • Allocate limited selling time on quality prospects
  • Put their sales training into action with the Blue Sheet and Scout by Miller Heiman Group

Enable sales management and senior leadership to:

  • Employ a common language to discuss the status of sales opportunities and establish next steps
  • Quickly identify opportunities that are worth the investment of limited resources
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities that need more attention from managers
  • Empower sales teams with insights that provide added value to customers
  • Collect and share best practices from top performers with the rest of the sales team
  • Gain more pipeline visibility and improve revenue forecasts

Delivery Options

Whether you are looking for in-person training, digital options, an integrated approach or a blended solution, we can ensure an experience that best suits your workforce.

Instructor Led Training

Digital Learning Options

Integrated Training

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