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See the move
that moves the deal.

On any given day, your sales reps face an overwhelming number of decisions about how to use their time. Meanwhile, your sales managers struggle to know where to intervene, and you can’t assess overall sales effectiveness because CRM data doesn’t provide the right insights.

Scout by Miller Heiman Group combines our trusted sales methodology, Strategic Selling with Perspective, with powerful analytics-driven sales technology to drive seller actions, change deal outcomes and replicate winning. With Scout, you’ll always “see the move that moves the deal.”

Drive seller actions.

Change the behavior of your sellers by predicting the methodology-backed action that will most increase their odds of winning a deal and improve sales performance.

Recommend next steps in the sales process
Improve blue sheet adoption
Reinforce sales training with personalized learning
Prioritize opportunities, activities and time

Change deal outcomes.

Give your sales managers real-time insights into opportunity health so they can get involved in deals and coach sellers before it’s too late.

Receive alerts on deals that need attention
Provide actionable and personalized advice
Gain visibility into sales methodology usage
Improve team sales performance with trend analysis

Replicate winning.

Leverage deep sales analytics to understand why your teams win and lose so you can repeat successful patterns across your sales organization.

Dive into analytics on sales effectiveness
Measure ROI on sales methodology adoption
Identify behavior that leads to better outcomes
Improve quality and timeliness of CRM data