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There are billions of reasons to improve your Customer Experience.


billion dollars

Lost annually by US brands because of poor service


billion dollars

Increased revenue from a 10% improvement in customer service



Cost of acquiring a new customer versus cost of retaining an existing customer

Source: CSO Insights

Miller Heiman Group Executive Director of North America Sales, Allen Mueller, outlines our Service Ready offering and how it can help organizations provide better service.

We care about your customers as much as you do.

With more than 50 years of experience and more than a million people trained, our approach is proven. And our mission is your success. That’s why we provide the skills, methodology and processes that ensure optimal customer service at every touch point along the customer journey. Because it’s not just about customer service. It’s about the entire customer experience.

We call it Service Ready. And it’s inspired from some of the industry’s most trusted brands, like AchieveGlobal and Impact Learning.

Customer service isn’t a department. It’s a company-wide mission.

Solutions provide the skills, methodology and processes that ensure exceptional interactions at every touch point along the customer journey. Solutions within the platform are available in the Learner ReadyTM solution set.

It starts with five key areas

By bringing together the best products from companies like AchieveGlobal and Impact Learning, Service Ready addresses the five essential solution areas that will promote a global customer service mindset across your organization.


Building Customer Loyalty

  • Identify the big picture
  • Learn the four key customer expectations
  • Recognize defining moments
  • Use the measures of success
  • Understand emotional energy and the "emotional connection” technique
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Exploring Digital Communications

  • Understand digital communications and the four key customer expectations
  • Learn about communication channels your customers use today
  • Create successful written communications
  • Project a positive tone when using email
  • Analyze social media case studies
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Mastering Conversation Essentials

  • Define customer needs
  • Learn the four parts of a customer-focused conversation
  • Acquire listening skills
  • Master the art of high-value conversations
  • Deliver unwelcome news
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Navigating Challenging Situations

  • Master the art of non-defensive listening
  • Learn the eight defusing skills
  • Maintain selective agreement
  • Navigate challenging situations
  • Learn five resolution skills
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Strengthening Customer Connections

  • Understand how to connect in routine situations
  • Learn guidelines for exceeding a customer’s need
  • Project a willingness to help
  • Choose positive language
  • Respect each customer’s unique value
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Make priority roles an actual priority.

Customer service impacts every area across your organization, but there are five that are proven to have a larger impact than others. That’s why we’ve developed in-depth programs specializing in these critical areas.


Coaching to be Service Ready

  • Creating a Customer-Oriented Culture
  • Delivering Results-Oriented Feedback
  • Developing Talent
  • Using Rewards and Recognition Effectively
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Service Ready for Technical Support

  • Winning Their Trust
  • Curating the Conversation
  • Negotiating a Solution
  • Keeping It Cool
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Service Ready for Field Services

  • Inspiring Confidence
  • Watching for Clues
  • Developing an Exit Strategy
  • Dialing Down the Tension
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The voice of your customer is a powerful thing.

Very few things are as important in service as the voice of the customer. After employing the Service Ready methodologies, our customers receive very positive responses from their customers. Here are some examples:


Said their call was treated in a more professional manner


Said the CSR quickly understood why they called


Said the response they received was clear and easy to understand


Said the service they received was outstanding, very good or good


The increase in customer satisfaction scores

Delivering Service Ready for today’s modern learner.

Learners have changed. You need a new approach. There are two challenges, though. First, technology companies don’t have content. Second, old-line companies have intellectual property, but they only deliver it by traditional methods.

Enter Learner Ready — a powerful cloud-based platform that delivers world-class content powered by Intrepid Learning. Our powerful technology offers new learners the flexibility they demand and the leverage to learn how they learn best—in real time with real situations and real opportunities.

To hear more about what Learner Ready can do for you and your team, just click the button below.

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Learn about the modern IP platform we use to deliver our service solutions. Download our eBook featuring industry expert Chip Bell to learn four approaches that will help customer facing employees exceed expectations. Or learn how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has invested in service training to enhance the customer experience.

“MHG for us has been foundational. Everyday you’re having the right conversations with customers, with the rigor and discipline as the backbone. Because for us, everything we do always comes back to this promise – Innovate to Mobilize and Connect People in the Moments That Matter.

—Jim Mears, Motorola Solutions

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