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Your People Are Key to Delivering a Superior Customer Experience.

So Invest In Them Through the Support Staff Excellence Certification Program with the New Innovative Miller Heiman Group®

If you’re looking to enhance and enrich your customer experience, then you need to start by developing your own employees. In partnership with the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), Miller Heiman Group® delivers the Support Staff Excellence (SSE) Certification Program to help you enable the delivery of a superior customer experience. SSE is a powerful staff development program that focuses on the most critical service delivery resource you have—your people.

You can leverage SSE training and certification programs for customer success, technical support and field service at all levels in your organization—including staff, supervisors or managers. Because when you develop people throughout your company, research from TSIA has shown that you can better achieve:

  • Positive end-to-end customer experiences.
  • Service delivery efficiency.
  • Reduction in service staff attrition.
  • Higher first-call resolution.
  • Decreases in escalation.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention rates.
  • Overall performance gains that reduce costs.




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Then Gain Industry Recognition as a Certified Support Staff Excellence Center.

When you successfully complete the SSE program at an organizational level, you are eligible for the Certified Support Staff Excellence Center (CSSEC) designation. The CSSEC designation leverages performance metrics that ensure your entire service organization’s staff internalize key elements of the training program and can improve their interactions with customers on a sustained level.

See which companies have received the highest recognition available in the industry. And make a commitment to operational excellence in support operations in your own organization.

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