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Master the sales fundamentals.

Miller Heiman Group’s Foundational Selling training introduces sellers to the fundamental skills needed to engage and interact with buyers. Through sales training programs like Professional Selling Skills® and Buyer-Focused Prospecting™, sellers use learned behaviours and strategies to better respond to customer needs, assess current and prospective accounts, and improve quota attainment.

Give your sales team the foundational tools it needs to start winning more.

Build Your Foundation for Better Sales Outcomes

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Benefits of Foundational Selling Sales Training


Ground-Up Method

Sellers learn fundamentals including who to call, how to engage customers and how to successfully interact with buyers.


Flexible Learning Options

From classroom experiences to digital learning, our Foundational Selling sales training courses are delivered in a variety of formats to suit sellers' needs.


Proven Skills

Many of the world's largest sales organisations rely on Foundational Selling sales training to guide sellers through the fundamental skills they need to succeed.


Standard Approach

We ensure consistency across your sales team by introducing common language and practices.

Build Your Foundation for Better Sales Outcomes

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Singapore and Southeast Asia Sales Training Classes

Miller Heiman Group transforms sales organisations using a combination of research, training, consulting and technology. Backed by more than 40 years experience working with sales organisations in global enterprises around the globe, we have the breadth and depth of experience to offer tailored solutions aligned to the needs of your sales organisation. With an operational presence in Singapore, you can work with us in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

About Our Fundamental Selling Skills Courses

Sales leadership usually knows that the key to unleashing a sales organisation's full potential starts with providing the sales team with the best sales training that is available. But which of the many sales training techniques should sales management invest in?

Our many years of advising the world's best sales organisations on enterprise selling has revealed a few key practises linked to sales success:

  1. having a strong ability to prioritise which prospects to focus on and allocating efforts and resources accordingly,
  2. having a sales process that is tightly aligned to the customer's preferred methods of purchase
  3. having a strong ability to build and to execute opportunity plans

Our foundational selling sales training courses, Professional Selling Skills® and Buyer Focused Prospecting™, teach these fundamental sales skills so salespeople can not only learn how to prospect for new business but also develop the face-to-face selling skills they need to promote an open exchange of information and reach mutually beneficial sales agreements. These fundamental selling skills are useful for any B2B seller, especially those new to enterprise selling.

These sales training courses have benefited more than 3 million sales professionals engaged in enterprise selling around the world. If you are based in Singapore or in the Southeast Asia region and want to gain the critical skills to develop solid business relationships while improving sales performance, these are the best sales training programmes for you.

Great Sales Results Start with the Fundamentals of Selling

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Mastering the Fundamentals of Enterprise Selling

The quality and effectiveness of sales training courses have always been closely tied to sales performance. Put simply, the more effective the sales training is, the better the individual seller's performance metrics.

These courses teach the fundamentals of enterprise selling in an engaging fashion that leads to a quick ROI. They can be used to help sales organisations quickly improve the professionalism and talent within a sales force and drive better sales outcomes.

What Enterprise Sellers Learn in Our Foundational Sales Training Courses

Our hands-on foundational sales training courses give sellers the building blocks necessary to win more deals.

Professional Selling Skills teaches the universal sales tools that sellers--at any level and in any organisation or role--need to develop new business, engage existing customers to develop stronger relationships and improve quota attainment:

  • Increasing customer engagement by learning conversational skills
  • Ensuring sales interactions are mutually beneficial for the salesperson and buyer
  • Asking questions designed to uncover buyer needs and pain points
  • Dealing with objections and clearing up misunderstandings
  • Discussing products and services in a meaningful way for prospects
  • Delivering value throughout the sales process
  • Keeping customers at the centre of all interactions
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Recognising and resolving customer concerns
  • Closing the deal using a proven three-step process that secures customer commitment

With Buyer Focused Prospecting, sales prospecting doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult. This hands-on approach simulates real-world sales scenarios to help sales reps--regardless of skill and experience level--learn proven techniques that will help them secure time with potential buyers:

  • Choosing the right targets to pursue from a prospect list
  • Building relationships that unlock access to key decision-makers
  • Delivering persuasive messaging targeted to buyer concerns and pain points
  • Using communication strategies, including cold calling, that pique prospects' interest

Learn Fundamental Selling Techniques to Dramatically Improve Sales Performance

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Getting Started With Fundamental Sales Training Courses

The best sales training courses like Professional Selling Skills and Buyer Focused Prospecting provide an essential foundation that sellers can use to turn prospects into buyers. But these courses also provide benefits that cascade throughout the organisation, educating sellers at any level.

  • Prospective and new sales professionals start with a core foundation of essential selling skills that prepares them for a successful career
  • Experienced sellers refine their skills or prepare for new roles
  • Customer success professionals learn how to deliver better customer service and increase buyer loyalty
  • Sales managers and sales leadership benefit by ensuring their sales teams are following a consistent, repeatable sales methodology
  • Sales organisations benefit because their sellers know how to target the strongest prospects, build better relationships with buyers and focus their selling time

Learn The Fundamentals of B2B Selling: Engage, Interact and Close

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Three Key Steps to Effective Enterprise Selling Sales Training

To create a great training experience that leads to positive transformations for their sales force, enterprise sellers should take these three key steps:

  1. Set Goals to Track Seller Adoption: Enterprise sellers implementing sales training should set clear, measurable goals that align with overall business goals for the training to measure their success. Use leading metrics such as conversion rates and follow-up call rates--not just lagging indicators like win rates and quota attainment--to determine how effectively sellers put training into action.
  2. Meet Sellers Where They Are With Flexible Learning Options: One-size-fits-all sales training doesn't deliver results; it isn't targeted to seller needs, and it ends up being a waste of valuable resources. One-time sales onboarding training or once-yearly sales kick-off meetings aren't enough to sustain learning. Miller Heiman Group's entry-level sales training courses, Professional Selling Skills and Buyer Focused Prospecting, are available in two modalities, instructor-led sales training and anytime, anywhere digital access, to meet your sales force where they are with the best sales training opportunities.
  3. Reinforce New Selling Behaviours: To ensure that sellers don't just learn how to sell but actually start implementing new selling behaviours, you need more than a one-time sales training course. With Professional Selling Skills, your sellers get access to a mobile app packed with daily sales enablement content that reinforces their learning, including quizzes that test retention and identify areas for further coaching, survey questions to measure behaviour change and poll questions that monitor daily selling activities.

Ready to see how a consistent, programmatic approach to fundamental sales training can take your sellers to the next level and help you win more deals? Contact us to discuss which enterprise selling training programme is best for you.