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Develop better coaches to develop better sales teams.

Professional Sales Coaching™ gives sales managers the skills and framework they need to coach sales teams to success, helping them develop mutually beneficial, long-lasting customer relationships. Sales managers and coaches learn how to use collaborative techniques to hold coaching conversations and develop a culture that supports high-performing sales teams.

Professional Sales Coaching™ focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a successful sales coach, including:

  • Why coaching is important
  • What issues require coaching
  • How sales managers should conduct coaching conversations
  • When coaching should happen

This program enables sales managers to implement coaching processes that promote confidence and success within their sales teams.

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Benefits of Professional Sales Coaching™


Build a Motivated Sales Team

Our framework provides support for sales managers to coach sales teams that are motivated and challenged to reach peak performance levels.


Improve Seller Performance

Sales leaders will work with sellers to meet and exceed quota, improving year-over-year performance.


Reduce Employee Turnover

By providing salespeople with direction, support and professional development, sales leaders will help reduce organisational turnover.


Increase Coaching Confidence

Coaches will practice and deploy skills to handle difficult conversations, increasing both confidence and competence.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

Maximise Your Sales Team’s Potential

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Southeast Asia and Singapore Sales Coaching and Management Training

Miller Heiman Group improves sales results for high-performance organisations across a range of industries. Our revolutionary approach to sales transformation is backed by research to deliver a customer-focused sales process to clients throughout Southeast Asia. From our regional base in Singapore, we serve clients in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Skills for Sales Management Coaching Covered in This Sales Management Training Programme

This sales coach training programme helps you master the most important sales management training skills that are needed to build a stronger, more profitable sales organisation:

  • Understanding the characteristics of a high-performance sales climate.
  • Learning key sales coaching principles so you can increase coaching effectiveness with your sales teams.
  • Implementing a comprehensive sales coaching process with the sales team that leads your sales organisation to better sales and business results
  • Having a systematic, consistent approach to help you evaluate sales performance, using our proprietary Sales Coaching Issues Diagram.
  • Applying the techniques you'll be taught in this course to provide constructive feedback, develop others, and give recognition to increase salesperson performance and drive results.
  • Handling difficult coaching conversations successfully
  • Using phone, voice mail, e-mail, and real-time messaging to coach salespeople effectively from a distance.

Used by top selling organisations in Singapore and around the world, this sales management training course provides your sales managers and coaches with the sales management functions and skills they need to build and maintain a superior sales team--one that generates mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships.

This is a hands-on, interactive sales training course. During the workshop, sales managers and coaches master a proven process for using collaborative coaching conversations to build a development culture that creates a high-performance sales team.

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10 Tactics You'll Learn from this Sales Management Training Programme

For sales managers and sales leadership looking to use objectives of sales management to drive improved seller performance, these 10 tactics will improve the coaching abilities of anyone in a sales management function.

  1. Create a high-performance sales climate and culture. Identify and drive a collaborative culture that pushes team members to provide value to their clients at every interaction.
  2. Define and drive your basic principles. Understand your guiding principles for high-performing teams and learn effective sales management techniques to drive specific behaviours.
  3. Understand the Good Coach and Bad Coach characteristics. Know what to do and what to avoid when engaging your teams in sales management coaching sessions.
  4. Understand the Collaborative vs. Directive sales coaching styles. Understand why coaching that emphasises collaboration is more effective than directing your teams towards specific tasks and activities.
  5. Develop objectives of sales management to identify and deliver constructive feedback. Learn to deliver feedback that increases engagement across your team.
  6. Effectively navigate difficult sales management coaching conversations. Certain sales coaching conversations can be hard to conduct, unpack these strategies to better prepare yourself and your team.
  7. How to focus resources and develop others. Learn how to best allocate your sales management coaching and skills development time.
  8. Deliver and build-up your team through recognition. Genuinely recognise your team and maintain, or increase, your team's energy and engagement.
  9. Navigate communication channels to coach remote teams. Remote working continues to increase, especially amongst sales teams, so effective sales management shows you how to communicate effectively.
  10. Create, implement, and reinforce your sales management coaching process. Create a process for simple, consistent and repeatable tasks and activities to ramp up the ROI of your training spend.

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Why These Sales Management Coaching Techniques Matter

Whether you're an experienced sales leader or a first-time sales manager, Professional Sales Coaching arms you with tools to achieve the most important objectives of sales management and to effectively communicate, plan and organise a world-class sales team.

As a sales manager, you fulfil many different sales management functions in your daily environment, whether it be as a direct supervisor, a motivator, a skills coach or even a mentor to others.

The most effective sales managers understand the complexity of their role and identify ways to invest in themselves to enhance their capabilities through sales management coaching. CSO Insights found in its 4th Annual Sales Enablement Study that dynamic sales management coaching can improve win rates on forecasted deals by 16.6%. In addition, research points to a significant increase in overall sales performance from organisations that invest more in sales management coaching.

The sales management coaching training within Professional Sales Coaching is also essential for sales managers to build a foundation for top-performing sales organisations. This sales management training provides a platform for in-the-moment deal and sales management coaching to improve sales forecasting and the likelihood of opportunities closing.

By using sales management coaching to assess sales performance, drive the most effective sales pipeline management and align revenue targets with firm-wide performance indicators, sales managers and sales leaders will deliver long-term sales management success.

A programmatic approach, rooted in research-supported sales methodologies, also affords sales managers the ability to speak a consistent sales language with their teams, improving collaboration and overall cohesiveness.

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Objectives of Sales Management You'll Learn in this Sales Management Coaching Course

This course helps you outperform the competition and master the key objectives of sales management.

Sales management coaching is just as important as sales skills building because without reinforcement from management, effective deal workshops, objection handling exercises, and opportunity management techniques, your sales training return on investment just doesn't add up.

This sales management coaching programme enables sales managers to implement coaching processes that promote confidence and success within their sales teams. The byproduct of these capabilities results in a highly engaged, motivated and collaborative sales team that drives elite performance.

Attendees will learn the following effective sales management techniques:

  • Using coaching to motivate individual sellers
  • How sales coaching improves sales performance metrics
  • Improving seller retention by providing sellers with direction, support and professional development
  • Increasing effective sales management by learning how to handle difficult conversations

Which Sales Management Functions Benefit from This Sales Management Coaching Course?

Professional Sales Coaching offers effective sales management training for a variety of levels of sellers:

  • Sales leaders directly or indirectly responsible for their organisation or team's sales performance and activities
  • Direct sales managers and other roles that oversee teams that are responsible for a quota
  • Other managers who want to develop their coaching capabilities
  • Sales professionals looking to break into sales management

Find Out What It Takes To Be a Successful Sales Coach

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Invest in Better Sales Coaching to Dramatically Improve Your Sales Results

By enroling in this sales training course, your sales managers and coaches will master a proven process for using collaborative coaching conversations to build a development culture that creates a high-performance sales team.

It's time to get started on making sales coaching management a critical component of your overall sales strategy. Contact us to begin your sales coaching training journey today.