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Your strategy is unique to our business

Your customer strategy is unique to your business, your goals and the milestones you need to reach. When this strategy is introduced and executed deliberately and definitively, it quickly becomes a positive reality and game changer for your business. That’s where we come in.

We understand the importance of tailoring strategy execution to fit your specific needs, business model and culture. Diagnosing processes, roles, technology, talent, sales, learning, research and all of the things related to effective change and optimal implementation are unique to your business. Therefore, so is our solution.

Whether you need to overcome a specific challenge, revamp your entire strategy execution or simply continue to improve what’s already working, we can help.

Common challenges we help clients solve

Sales and Service Process Design

Talent Management and Development Issues

Dealing with Change


Sales, Service and Marketing Alignment

Sales and Service Team Structure and Selection

Sales and Service Team Enablement

Metrics and Measurements

Technology Adoption

Value Messaging Effectiveness

Strategy execution: a comprehensive approach

We don’t approach strategy execution from a separate sales and service viewpoint. In fact, our consulting team goes beyond foundational sales and service consulting and takes a comprehensive look at the entire customer experience, including diagnostics, talent, compensation and enablement. This gives us the ability to provide deep insights across all dimensions of customer behavior. And that’s where we start, because customers dictate success and success dictates profitability.

We begin by diagnosing four key areas across the business—Sales and Service Effectiveness, Sales and Service Benchmarking, Customer Experience and Business Process— and then we focus on key aspects of sales and service to gain a full understanding of how we can help you create optimal business results.

About our Strategy Ready team

Each member of the Miller Heiman Group consultant team has held an executive or senior role within leading organizations and understands the challenges senior executives face on a daily basis.

Our consulting process ensures readiness of your team to change behavior, and sustain those changes long term. At the core of our approach is a proven, tested, well-documented methodology that is practiced consistently across the globe and yields high-quality, client-centric, rapid results.

A sample of industries we serve

Energy & Utilities

Financial Services


Professional Services





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