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Talent is an essential part of your sales business.



CEOs think skills are a key concern in their current team



Turnover in sales versus the overall workforce



U.S. workers who are disengaged from their job

Source: CSO Insights

Partner in the Sales Consulting Practice for Miller Heiman Group, Harry Dunklin, explains how Miller Heiman Group assesses talent within an organization.

Business relies on talent. And talent drives business.

When it comes to sales and service development, talent is critical. This is true of both your leadership and your individual performers. That’s why we offer Talent Ready. It assesses your organization’s talent and potential hires by asking two critical questions.

What are a person’s capabilities? What is that person’s potential?

At every point along the talent lifecycle of sales professionals and leaders, assessment plays a critical role. From initial selection to succession planning to job transition, it is important to understand what top performers do consistently and leverage that knowledge to create a path to success for sales professionals at every level.

Talent Ready Assessments

Our assessments help you effectively manage talent on two levels. First, understanding if you have the right people in the right positions by profiling  against your top performers or using our benchmarks to ensure that you’re hiring or developing people that will best succeed in a given role. And, secondly, once your team is in place, using skills assessments to better understand the capabilities of those individuals, measuring their skills and competencies to help diagnose coaching and training priorities.

You’ll gain perspective across variety of roles and levels, from front line sales or service to leadership.


Skill Gap Analysis

  • Quantify skills critical for your organization’s sales and service success
  • Select internal and external candidates for better results
  • Link behavior and skills with business results
  • Establish baseline for skill execution
  • Determine ability to identify, develop and track opportunities
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Predictive Assessments

  • Capture learning styles, occupational interests and behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  • Select, develop and coach team members
  • Measure improvement over time
  • Screen candidates against profiles of top performers
  • Psychometric assessments that predict success, reduce ramp-up and decrease turnover
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Take a deeper dive into our Talent Ready offering, learn the importance of having the right talent as frontline sales managers and how it impacts forecasting, or understand how to higher better sales people.

“It’s hard to stress how important talent is to your organization. Being able to assess a company’s talent and show the organization where it can improve in its operations and in its hiring is really exciting. You’re practically providing a path toward better performance, as well as better employee engagement and satisfaction.”

— Mike Wirth, Vice President of Talent Assessment and Analytics of Miller Heiman Group

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