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Three out of four world-class sales performers indicate their companies assess all candidates using a standardized assessment tool, according to CSO Insights research. Our suite of predictive hiring and placement solutions provide assessment tools ranging from web-based surveys benchmarking your team against profiles of top performers, to interview-based instruments with established external benchmarks for a variety of roles.

Talent Capabilities Quotient

Use this assessment pre-hire for candidate selection, or to understand the tendencies of your incumbent top performers, for line of sight to an individual’s behavior and performance. Talent Capabilities Quotient will:

  • Capture learning style, behavioral strengths and weaknesses, and occupational interests
  • Identify competencies for your sales roles that are most predictive of success
  • Identify high potential employees, reduce ramp-up time, and decrease turnover
  • Use key insights to screen, select, develop and coach internal and external candidates whose qualities and skills mirror

Roles included in the suite of assessment

Account Managers, Advertising Director, Business Development, Call Center, Commercial Lender, Configuration Specialist, Consultant – Researcher , Driver, Editor, Executive, Executive Level – Sales, Financial Executive, Food Service Executive, First Line Manager, Hospitality Guest Service Hospitality Manager, Inside Sales, Insurance, Marketing Director, Marketing Staff, Media Sales, Media Sales Manager, Mid-Level Sales, Project Manager, Recruiter, Reporter, Restaurant Manager, Retail Store Location Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Representatives, Senior Level Manager, Software Engineer, Staff – Independent Producer, Staffing Consultant, Support Staff – Administration, Technical Support (Help Desk), Tier II Help Desk, Vice President of Sale

Predictive Assessments may be the right solution if your company is trying to:

  • Identify key characteristics of top performers
  • Decrease turnover
  • Grow the organization quickly with qualified employees
  • Improve data volume and quality for sales managers to make informed hiring decisions
  • Improve processes surrounding mergers and acquisitions
  • Understand leadership capability
  • Make smarter hiring decisions
  • Accelerate the new hire ramp-up process
  • Improve engagement

How your organization will benefit

  • Gain confidence employees are placed in a role for which they have a strong likelihood to succeed
  • Leverage tools and processes to understand future positions employees may want to consider
  • Access a variety of predictive and insight-driven assessment platforms and solutions

Enable sales management and senior leadership to:

  • Benchmark top-producing talent to to assist in future hiring
  • Understand why some people succeed and others fail
  • Better focus pre-employment questions and post-hire coaching
  • Scientifically manage mergers and acquisitions

Delivery Options

Whether you are looking for in-person training, digital options, an integrated approach or a blended solution, we can ensure an experience that best suits your workforce.

Instructor Led Training

Digital Learning Options

Integrated Training

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