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You can train sales people to learn or develop skills that aid in the success of your organization, but you can’t train the innate characteristics that form top performers. We believe true sales talent is defined through reoccurring patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that match with the values, behaviors and goals of your organization. That’s why we work to define what “great sales talent” means for your business by looking at your top performers, and leveraging their strengths as a baseline for selection, planning, and promotion. Without this insight, you could be wasting valuable investment on people who will never meet the standards needed to achieve optimal business results, let alone thrive in your organization.

Couple that with the overwhelming pressure to get the right people in the right roles, and the issue of talent becomes pivotal—no longer a factor of your business that can wait to be resolved. Sales turnover is twice that of the overall workforce. Almost 2/3 of sales organizations say their hiring practices need improvement, yet most have no way to objectively uncover capabilities, determine talent potential and become talent ready.

The business cost of a bad hire is lost sales. Our assessment solutions quantify the talents of your team, your leadership, and your prospective candidates to reveal how someone’s potential impacts your business performance.

Assessing potential uncovers the preferred learning style and the innate characteristics that either allow or preclude a team member or leader from effectively meeting expectations. If talent lacks potential, the end result is time and money invested in training that will never show improved outcomes.

SkillMap Capabilities Quotient

Use this 180° assessment to quantify and prioritize skills critical for sales success in your organization, from Targeting through Account Management. Alternatively, consider providing us with your unique competencies for a customized skill gap analysis. SkillMap Capabilities Quotient will:

  • Uncover the capabilities of your sales team by quantifying the skills of frontline employees to diagnose areas that require further development
  • Leverage assessment results to inform more effective coaching conversations, and focus training investments
  • Use online sales skill measurement to provide effective, data-directed coaching and skill execution
  • Uncover traits of top performers to train and coach for performance improvement

How your organization will benefit

Online talent assessment and quantification

  • Quantify skills critical for your organization’s sales and service success
  • Instruments optimized for leaders, professionals and individual performers
  • Select internal and external candidates for better results

Assess capabilities of current leaders and employees

  • Link behavior and skills with business results
  • Establish baseline for skill execution
  • Benchmark and measure progress
  • Determine ability to identify, develop and track opportunities
  • Assess relationship management and account expansion skill

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