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See the move that moves the deal.

Today’s sellers struggle with an overwhelming number of decisions and where to best allocate their resources. At the same time, sales managers battle to measure and improve overall sales effectiveness because existing CRM data lacks actionable insights.

Scout by Miller Heiman Group overcomes these sales hurdles. By combining the methodologies covered in our sales training programs Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Conceptual Selling® and Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) with powerful, analytics-driven sales technology, Scout increases the likelihood of winning sales, and helps sellers integrate Miller Heiman Group’s core methodologies into their selling activities.

Empower Your Methodology With Technology

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Benefits of Scout by Miller Heiman Group


Improve adoption of core sales methodologies to positively impact team performance


Leverage mobile-first design for easy accessibility anywhere, anytime


Coach sellers in a scalable, more personalized way


Encourage sellers to utilize proven sales strategies


Improve consistent adoption of Strategic Selling® with Perspective Blue Sheets


Integrate seamlessly with existing CRM for hassle-free data flow


Drive Seller Actions

Change seller behavior by more accurately predicting the methodology-backed action that will increase their odds of closing deals, leading to improved sales performance. 

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Change Deal Outcomes

Arm sales leaders with real-time insights based on the behaviors of top performers, enabling managers to coach sellers earlier and more effectively.


Replicate Winning

Leverage granular sales analytics to identify both winning and losing sales scenarios, so you can replicate the patterns that lead to more wins, larger deals and faster close times across your organization. 

Empower Your Methodology With Technology

Better Sales Performance Starts With Methodology. We Have That Covered.

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