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Additional Terms and Conditions For Non-cancellable and Non-refundable Program License Purchases

If the Client Confirmation Form (“CCF”) includes Non-cancellable and Non-refundable Program licenses, the following terms and conditions shall apply, in addition to the Terms and Conditions found elsewhere in the CCF. Where applicable, these Additional Terms and Conditions will apply to all Programs with a Delivery Modality of ILT, Blended or ILE.

License and License Fee: Any and all licenses for Programs (each, a “License”) granted under the CCF shall be non-cancellable and the license fee charged therefor shall be non-refundable and fully earned by Company upon delivery of the Materials or Programs in respect of such License to Client in digital or physical form, as applicable.

Reproduction License: Company grants to Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to print the copyrighted Materials for use in connection with License during the Term of the CCF. Company shall provide Customer with physical documents or electronic files to be used for printing Materials. Client shall not change the form or the substance of the Materials as delivered by Company. Client may not, in whole or in part, alter or modify the Materials. Client agrees to retain and keep visibly displayed all copyright and trademark attribution that appear on the Materials. Upon the expiration of the Term of the CCF, any Company Materials in Client’s possession shall, at the direction of the Company, be either destroyed or returned to Company with no archival copy being retained by Client. For the avoidance of doubt, this provision shall not require the destruction of Materials retained by course Participants for whom a license has been purchased; those Participants are permitted to retain their Materials indefinitely for their own use.

Right to Facilitate: In order to promote optimum training results, Company recommends that Client use only facilitators who are provided by Company or are employees of Client who have been trained by Company to deliver the relevant Program(s). During the Term of the CCF, Client may elect at any time to use its own instructors (i.e., a Client Associate, Client Facilitator, SME or other individual) to deliver the Programs. Unless otherwise specified on the CCF, any facilitation referenced on the CCF is optional and any fees quoted therefor are provided so that Client is aware of the fees that will be charged should Client request that Company provide any facilitation.