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SPIN® Selling training to overcome customer indifference.

SPIN® Selling Conversations is a SPIN® Selling sales training program that teaches B2B selling best practices to help sellers master the art of customer conversations. Designed to help sales professionals at all levels, SPIN® Selling Conversations includes immersive exercises and activities that help participants acquire the skills they need to own the dialogue.

From solving buyer-seller alignment issues to creating competitive differentiation, this SPIN® Selling training course helps sales and service organizations conduct useful meetings that lead to pipeline growth, better funnel management and increased customer retention.

Put a New Spin on Your Sales Conversations

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Benefits of SPIN® Selling Sales Training Courses


Uncover Buyer Urgency

Tailor conversations to expose buyer pain points, igniting a sense of urgency that causes customers to take action.


Increase the Value of the Sale

Explore unrecognized needs, developing customer buy-in to highlight and grow the value of your solutions.


Tackle Buyer Skepticism

Hone the skills you need to address and overcome buyers' hesitations or concerns during the sales process.


Accelerate the Sales Cycle

By encouraging customers to actively engage in each stage of the sale, you’ll mitigate lengthy sales cycles.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Put a New Spin on Your Sales Conversations

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Discover How to Ask the Right Questions During the SPIN Selling Sales Training Course

SPIN: Selling Conversations is a research-based, advanced questioning program that combines SPIN Selling's proven methodology with today's best-practices in B2B selling:

  • SPIN Selling training provides you with the questions and skills to uncover buyer needs and overcome hesitations and objections, which results in an outcome that's better for both the seller and the buyer.
  • During the SPIN Selling sales training course, you'll learn B2B selling best practices that help sellers master the art of customer conversations.
  • Designed to help sales professionals at all levels. SPIN Selling includes hands-on exercises and activities that help participants acquire the skills they need to own the dialogue.

From solving buyer-seller alignment issues to creating competitive differentiation, SPIN Selling helps sales and service organizations conduct useful meetings that lead to pipeline growth, better funnel management and increased customer retention.

The Ultimate Sales Training Course for SPIN Selling

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Four Common Sales Challenges and How SPIN Selling Helps

Buyers today are more informed than ever before, with more information available at their fingertips.

Because they can access more information during the discovery phase, they take longer to engage sellers in the buying cycle. When sellers do engage their buyers, they often struggle with taking a customer-centric approach to every interaction and digging deep to identify implied needs from their customers.

Many find that it's easier to simply accept a buyer's statement at face value. SPIN Selling helps sellers uncover their buyers' hidden pain points so they are able to conduct more meaningful conversations that deliver mutually beneficial results.

As a sales professional, you'll encounter many daunting sales challenges. Enrolling in SPIN Selling training can help you overcome them.

Here are four common sales challenges SPIN selling can help you address:

  1. Sales cycles take too long. SPIN Selling training helps sellers uncover and crystalize actual needs quickly, leading to shorter sales cycles.
  2. The inability to overcome customer indifference. SPIN Selling allows you to learn how to qualify leads sooner to determine whether it's worthwhile to keep pressing or to walk away and focus on the next opportunity.
  3. Struggling to quickly close a deal. With SPIN Selling sales training you'll close fast and close easy because you'll have created the foundation for a win-win solution. You'll learn the secrets to closing more sales deals that separate the best from the rest.
  4. Inconsistency in cross-selling and upselling. SPIN Selling teaches you how to broaden your customer's awareness of how you can help them with their unmet needs.

Highly Effective SPIN Selling Sales Training

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Learning Objectives of the SPIN Selling Sales Training Course

During SPIN Selling, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Define your customers' implied needs and develop their explicit needs.
  • Use SPIN Selling questions in a customer dialogue.
  • Meet your customers' needs by asking questions that produce answers that are valuable to both the customer and seller.

SPIN Selling Empowers Sales Success

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Seven Outcomes from SPIN Selling Sales Training

Sellers who take this one-day SPIN Selling sales training course will be able to achieve the following seven outcomes as a result.

  1. Provide insights that help people think differently about individual challenges
  2. Engage in sophisticated conversations to uncover hidden information, develop rapport and improve listening skills
  3. Shorten sales cycles, strengthen customer relationships and improve your sales effectiveness
  4. Find ways to differentiate your offerings from the competition, even in a transactional environment
  5. Sell to senior executives, buying committees and end users--often at the same time and in the same account
  6. Present your offerings with high impact, avoiding "feature dumps" and discounting.
  7. Tackle goals related to pipeline growth, funnel management and customer retention

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Benefits of Attending the SPIN Selling Training Course

Designed to help professionals at all levels, SPIN Selling gives you the broad set of skills needed to:

  • Ignite a sense of urgency that results in customers making decisions quickly
  • Provide solutions for key decision-makers and tailor messaging to address the unique pain points of each
  • Bring clarity to buyer's concerns
  • Have positive interactions on every channel throughout the full sales cycle

World-class sellers walk into every conversation with a plan. They understand the needs of their prospect or client and deliver value. What separates seasoned sales professionals from world-class sellers is the ability to create alignment with a buyer's needs and the seller's solution.

The proven way to accomplish this is through the conversational methodology taught within the SPIN Selling training course.

SPIN Selling Sales Training: Discover the Power of SPIN

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Buyers Demand More than Ever. SPIN Selling Helps You Conquer Modern Selling

SPIN Selling sales training is all about the fact that buyers' needs change.

The original research from SPIN Selling validates the importance of dialogue to uncover needs. In the past sellers, used to be able to close a deal during a round of golf or over dinner. That has changed. Sellers must uncover the "why" and the impact their solution will have on the customer, and SPIN Selling training helps them master that.

The bottom line? The players may be different, and the tools and research available to them may be more sophisticated, but buyers still have business needs that must be solved. There needs are likely different than they used to be, and SPIN Selling sales training can help them discover that need.

Ask Better Questions, Close Better Deals

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SPIN Selling Program Options

With SPIN Selling sales training, there's an unparalleled of suite of modalities so you can choose what best fits your team.

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT): With this program of SPIN Selling, experienced sales professionals and leaders lead effective in-person training . for groups of two to 25. The SPIN Selling ILT delivery options include:
    • Public Workshop Sales Training: This SPIN Selling sales training program has locations and dates around the world
    • Onsite Sales Training: This SPIN Selling sales training course is available as a custom-tailored, comprehensive one-day classroom program in your location and on your day of choice
    • Train-the-Trainer: Certify individuals within your organization to facilitate SPIN Selling training programs
  • Digital Sales Training: This SPIN Selling sales training can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is highly scalable. The SPIN Selling program features micro content modules for rapid bursts, offering instruction at the learner's pace.
  • Integrated: This SPIN Selling sales training approach is ideal for the modern learner as it combines ILT and digital training together. During SPIN Selling in this modality, sellers receive progress monitoring, along with social and collaborative features including peer-

Outperform Competing Sales Reps with SPIN Selling Sales Training

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SPIN Selling Sales Training Feedback

Here's a testimonial from a sales leader who recently put all of his sales reps through our SPIN Selling sales training course:

"I've seen a whole new approach to how our sales team plans around major opportunities. Instead of planning how to best present our capabilities, the SPIN Selling sales training course helped them focus on how to develop needs, and identify how to be the highest value to the client."

High-ROI SPIN Selling Sales Training Pays for Itself

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Get Started with SPIN Selling Training Today

With the SPIN Selling training course, we show how to lead sales conversations and light a sense of urgency, leading to bigger deals and shorter sales cycles.

SPIN Selling gives your team the skills and practice to develop the questions that uncover buyer needs and overcome objections--all in the moments when deals are made and lost.

Ready for better conversations? Contact us today to learn more about SPIN Selling. Registering allows you to put a new spin on your selling conversations and improve win rates.