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Give your team the skills to cross-sell and upsell holistically.

Your customers interact with your service professionals 10x more than they do with your sellers. Are you equipping all of your customer service reps with the skills to upsell, cross-sell and service accounts effectively? Ensure a higher level of service by recognizing sales opportunities in customer interactions while maintaining the edge of positive defining moments.

Your customer service reps weren’t hired to be sellers, but exceeding customer expectations requires being ready to respond to their need. Show your teams how to listen for cues and clues to take advantage of opportunities to bring sales into service—and increase organizations’ profitability while enhancing customer relationships.

Bring Sales Into Your Service Queue

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Benefits of Bridging Service into Sales Training


Connect the Dots

Give your customers what they need with a customer service team willing and able to introduce new solutions through upselling and cross-selling


Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Enable your service reps with the skills to act on opportunities and propose the next steps while maintaining high customer satisfaction


Explore Customer Needs

Develop the techniques to deeply understand customer needs through every interaction and touchpoint within your customer service teams


Link Outcomes

Bring your sales and customer service teams into closer alignment with a consistent and collaborative approach to renewals, cross-sell and upsell

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Bring Sales Into Your Service Queue

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