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Every organization designates dedicated customer service representatives to solve customers’ problems and issues. These issues require finding the right allocation of resources and time to resolve, often involving multiple touchpoints. Do your service professionals follow a repeatable, scalable process with consistently positive outcomes that result in decreased time to resolution?

Service Ready™ for Diagnostic Troubleshooting gives your customer service teams a clear, logical and systematic approach to apply to problem resolution during the troubleshooting process. Reducing time-to-resolution and support costs, your teams learn strategies that lead to improved customer satisfaction scores with the right skills to troubleshoot effectively.

Diagnose Issues Without Trouble

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Benefits of Diagnostic Troubleshooting Service Training


Improve Outcomes

Reduce time-to-resolution and call quantity, teaching with staff to investigate and determine issues within the first call


Troubleshooting Techniques

Deploy common troubleshooting techniques and ways to work with key stakeholders during the resolution process


Build Brand Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with consistent and positive interactions even during challenging times


Formalize Your Process

Create a repeatable, systematic process for resolving customer issues that your service representatives can implement immediately so there’s no delay in finding a solution

Delivery Options

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Diagnose Issues Without Trouble

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