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Exceed your customers’ expectations in every interaction.

Service Ready™ customer service training helps organizations create seamless customer experiences throughout the customer journey. Touching every corner of your organization, Service Ready focuses on the essential solution areas that drive a customer-focused culture.

Organizations that leverage Service Ready skills and strategies see a measurable increase in customer satisfaction. With more than 40 years’ experience and more than 1 million professionals trained, Miller Heiman Group equips your customer-facing teams with the skills and tools they need to create memorable customer experiences.

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Benefits of Service Ready™ Customer Service Training


Build Customer Loyalty

Identify opportunities to create positive defining moments early in the customer journey, and exceed customer expectations to build and retain loyalty


Master Conversation Essentials

Acquire customer service listening skills, lead high-value interactions and guide buyer-focused conversations for win-win outcomes


Strengthen Customer Connections

Don't just meet customer needs— exceed them. Learn how to create a roadmap for connecting day-to-day with buyers, ensuring you meet their unique business needs


Navigate Challenging Situations

Address challenging customer service situations and reach amicable outcomes that don't negatively impact customer relationships


Explore Communication Channels

Whether your buyers prefer digital or in-person communications, our customer service training helps you develop successful conversation tactics to connect with buyers across different platforms


Drive a Holistic Customer Service Approach

Built for a variety of service professionals, including field service engineers and technical service teams, our programs show your reps how to resolve service problems effectively and efficiently

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Upgrade Your Service Skills

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The Importance of a Customer Experience Strategy

Customers today demand world-class service. They reward companies that provide it by remaining loyal, and they’ll take their business elsewhere if the customer experience is mediocre—or if it only meets their expectations.

Your customer service representatives are your organization’s face and voice. But not all businesses realize the value that these front-line employees bring. Organizations that do choose to invest in their employees’ success by creating a sound customer experience strategy recognize the quick return on investment that customer service training provides.

A great customer experience that raises an organization’s customer experience metrics is grounded in positive defining moments. A defining moment occurs when a customer judges how well an organization has met their needs. These moments can be negative when an organization fails to meet the customer’s expectation, neutral when their expectations are met and positive when customer service reps exceed their expectations. Only positive defining moments build customer loyalty. Loyal customers give organizations the four R’s: revenue, referrals, reputation and repeat business.

If you want your customer service reps to provide a world-class experience that leads to more of the four R’s, then Service Ready is the course you need. This program teaches customer service reps the customer experience best practices and gives them all the skills they need to communicate positively and professionally with customers, both internal and external. Attendees leave the training feeling upbeat, motivated and ready to deliver the level of world-class service that today’s customers expect.

Businesses that have implemented Service Ready customer service training experience measurable growth in a number of key customer experience metrics, including these:

    • Higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
    • Higher professionalism scores
    • Higher employee morale
    • Reduced turnover
    • Better first call resolution
    • Faster time to resolution
    • Greater resolution rate
    • Shorter calls
    • Reduced escalations to managers or engineering
    • Smaller backlogs
    • Fewer reopened tickets
    • More same-day closures
    • Reduced service recovery to their loyalty department

Happy customers, increased customer loyalty, positive word of mouth and lower costs are the customer experience metrics that are key to a successful customer service organization. But, while monitoring results can help your organization stay on track, you can’t measure your way to customer service success: you need training. That’s where Service Ready comes in.


The Five Modules of Service Ready Content

Service Ready consists of five modules designed to improve organizations’ customer experience strategy and drive up their customer experience metrics.

    1. Building Customer Loyalty

In this course, service reps learn how they play an important role in a positive customer experience strategy designed to strengthen relationships and build—and maintain—customer loyalty. They will learn how to connect with customers by using their emotional energy to their highest benefit and explore measures of success. Specifically, customer service reps will discover how to relate to customers on a professional as well as personal level by learning skills like these:

  • Understanding the big picture
  • Delivering on the four key customer expectations
  • Creating positive defining moments
  • Measuring success and their role in delivering positive defining moments
  • Evoking emotional energy and “the emotional connection” technique


    1. Mastering Conversation Essentials

This module teaches a methodical process and related skills essential to handling all types of service conversations, both in routine and uncomfortable situations. Instructors break service conversations down, so attendees discover ways to enhance the overall customer experience. Customer service reps will apply guidelines following customer experience best practices to clarify customers’ needs so they can better meet them. The module covers the following subjects to help customer service reps identify the best solution to address customer needs:

  • Asking questions to define and clarify customer needs
  • Understanding the four parts of a service conversation (Open, Learn, Reply, Close)
  • Developing listening skills
  • Confirming an understanding of the customers’ needs and position
  • Delivering unwelcome news


    1. Strengthening Customer Connections

In this module, customer service reps learn essential principles of an overarching customer experience strategy, including that each customer has unique value, and they discover how to provide individualized attention to satisfy and exceed customer expectations. Customer service reps also learn how to communicate the value of their organization in critical ways:

  • Choosing positive language
  • Connecting in routine situations
  • Exceeding a customer’s needs and expectations
  • Projecting a willingness to help in all service interactions
  • Respecting each customer’s unique value


    1. Navigating Challenging Situations

In Navigating Challenging Situations, customer service reps develop a series of skills to help them defuse and resolve escalated situations. Attendees will learn customer experience best practices to help them effectively de-escalate tense interactions and refocus the customer on their needs, so they can collaborate to create a positive outcome. After this module, customer service reps will be able to:

  • Listen non defensively to angry or upset customers
  • Practice the use of eight techniques to defuse tension with customers
  • Prevent challenges from escalating
  • Explain the situation to upset customers and describe how they will addefiningdress the situation
  • Brainstorm appropriate goodwill gestures for their role
  • Identify ways to keep promises that strengthen customer loyalty
  • Plan for commonly encountered tough situations to increase resolution effectiveness


    1. Exploring Digital Communications

Increasingly, customer service employees are working in environments with multichannel communication platforms. This module explores the growing importance of digital communication channels, including social media, for improving an organization’s customer experience strategy. This module teaches learners skills to increase their effectiveness within these complex multichannel environments. It includes a discussion of the role of social media and how customer success reps can use it appropriately and professionally in the customer experience journey. Specifically, customer service reps will learn how to:

  • Identify the channels of digital communications that customers use
  • Decide how and when to use different forms of communications
  • Develop a plan for digital communications to meet the needs of internal and external customers
  • Write emails and communications that are positive, professional, clear and concise
  • Follow internal guidelines for written communications and social media usage
  • Devise a sensible and reasonable approach to using social media


Together, these modules help organizations create a holistic customer experience strategy that ensures success at every stage of the customer journey.


The Benefits of the Service Ready Curriculum for Improving Customer Experience Strategy

Many service organizations struggle to offer a customer experience that exceeds customer expectations—and many simply meet expectations. But meeting expectations isn’t enough to retain customers in a competitive business environment, where buyers are willing to abandon long-standing relationships if they believe another company can offer better customer service and support.

Service Ready equips customer service reps with the skills and tools necessary to elevate the customer experience and build a sound customer experience strategy. Here is a list of some of the main pain points our customers tell us that Service Ready addresses:

  • “Our customer service reps don’t speak in a unified voice to our customers.” Service Ready teaches all service representatives a common language and process, so customers have a consistent experience across every channel and with every contact.
  • “Too many tickets take too long to resolve.” Service reps learn how to show empathy, lose their use of jargon and speak in terms that make sense to their customers.
  • “Many reps misdiagnose the problem because they don’t probe to understand the customer’s needs.” With Service Ready, service reps learn how to ask the right questions to unearth the true problem, so they can resolve the customer’s concern permanently and reduce escalations to higher-tiered resources and managers.
  • “Our customer service scores are low because my team lacks the soft skills required to address customers professionally yet with empathy.” Service Ready combines soft skills with methodologies that enable any customer service rep to more meaningfully and empathetically address customer challenges.
  • “Our customer service reps don’t know how to use the best communication channel to resolve our customers’ concerns.” Service reps are often more comfortable with written communication and tend to stick to it, even when a short phone call would resolve the issue better than an email. Service Ready shows reps when it’s time to change communication channels and gives them a comfort level with using various channels.
  • “Our remote reps spend too much money dispatching the field service team to address problems that they should handle themselves.” In Service Ready, reps learn how to unearth the root of problems quickly and become empowered to address customer needs quickly to maximize customer satisfaction.

The result? An improved customer experience strategy that leads to higher customer experience metrics.


Who Should Enroll in Service Ready

This customer experience training program is ideal for anyone who provides service to internal or external customers, including customer service representatives who work in:

  • Customer service departments
  • Inside sales and order desks
  • Credit and collections
  • Payroll teams
  • Parts departments
  • And many more

Hundreds of companies have proven that our customer service training, based on more than 40 years of experience, forms the foundation of a customer experience strategy that yields measurable business results. If you want to improve your organization’s ability to deliver a memorable customer experience, contact us today to learn more.