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Get sales compensation right.

Sales compensation and incentives drive sellers’ behaviour and motivate them to achieve critical objectives. A well-defined sales compensation plan clearly formalises how compensation structures and policies work, detailing the results sellers need to obtain their incentives.

Miller Heiman Group knows sales compensation and incentive programmes can be complicated – and emotional. Our compensation design programme focuses on outlining and defining the key components that must come together to form your compensation plan. We work with your organisation to design a viable compensation plan that serves everyone from top-level sales managers to frontline salespeople.

Balance, Define and Align Sales Compensation

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Benefits of Compensation Design


Align Compensation With Objectives

Ensure your sales objectives are aligned with the actions and achievements detailed in your compensation plan.


Ensure Sales Managers Leverage Plans

Get sales managers on board with your sales compensation plan to ensure they leverage incentives to reinforce and drive winning behaviours.


Balance Incentives

You'll learn how to fairly balance your incentive programme to guarantee everyone in your organisation is rewarded appropriately.


Reduce Sales Turnover

Adequate compensation and incentives allow you to retain high-performing sellers and increase sales team morale.

Balance, Define and Align Sales Compensation