Customer Service saw many changes in 2017. One of the biggest developments was the realisation of Artificial Intelligence as a viable solution. In addition companies harnessed the opportunities service provided for differentiation within cluttered market places.

2018 looks set for the focus on customer service to continue with many changes expected, which should enhance the experience for customers and companies alike. It is clear that this focus must be a company wide approach and not limited to the customer service department – to ensure all departments work together for the good of the customer. Technological developments continue to progress at speed, opening up better possibilities to personalise the experience for customers and streamline them for companies.

To help you stay ahead of the competition and embrace any relevant developments in customer service, we have compiled a list of the top 16 customer service movers and shakers that you should read, listen to and follow on social media:

  1. Tiffany Bova @Tiffani_Bova (com/in/tiffanibova)

Tiffani is the Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. She works with companies to transform the way they engage with customers through a focus on two key objectives: customer success and growth.

  1. Babette Ten Haken @Babettetenhaken (com/in/babettetenhaken)

A STEM-trained scientist, corporate strategist, speaker, coach and storyteller. She focuses organisations on customer success techniques, which set the stage for customer retention. Babette’s One Millimeter Mindset programs leverage collaboration to catalyse professional innovation, workforce engagement and customer success for customer retention.

  1. Judith E Glaser @CreatingWE (com/in/Judith-e-glaser-8b020b)

Judith is the author of two best selling business books, CEO of Benchmark Communications and acclaimed speaker. She has worked with many senior executives to craft large-scale communications and best practice strategies focusing on the link between customer loyalty, brand management and organisation engagement with a focus of sight to the customer.

  1. Donna Whitbrook @Donnawhitbrook (

Donna has many strings to her bow – an author, business consultant and speaker. She is passionate about developing leaders and helping businesses to transform the performance of individuals and teams to create world-class customer service and client engagement.

  1. Tony Bodoh @Tonybodoh (

Tony is an author of best selling customer experience books. Tony studies human experiences and applies the knowledge to enable him to help executives implement simple changes that evoke transformative experiences in their employees and customers.

  1. Adrian Swinscoe @adrianswinscoe (com/in/adrianswinscoe)

Adrian has extensive service experience across many different touchpoints. He is a Customer Experience and Service Consultant, a coach, speaker and successful author as well as a Forbes contributor. He works with organisations of all sizes to improve their customer experience and service.

  1. Roy Atkinson @royatkinson (

He is a writer, analyst, speaker and top influencer in the service industry. His speciality is exploring the connection between customer service and technology, with extensive experience in the IT and technology industries.

  1. Jeff Toister– @toister (com/in/jefftoister)

Jeff is an employee training expert and speaker with more than 20 years experience. He focuses on customer service through empowering employees.

  1. Mitchell Feldman @Redpixie (com/in/mitchellfeldman)

Mitchell is the Chief Digital Officer at Red Pixie, the first winner of the Microsoft World Wide Cloud Partner of the year and was recognised by Downing Street for his contribution to the IT industry. RedPixie design cloud based platforms to deliver new capabilities and improved performance for the financial sector with a key focus on customer service.

  1. Nancy Friedman @telephonedoctor (

Nancy is a keynote Customer Service speaker. She helps companies to communicate better with their customers and employee’s. She advises companies to improve customer service & brand loyalty.

  1. Karsten Smet @UKCloudHealth (com/in/karstensmet)

Karsten is the director of Customer Service at UK Cloud Health, a company providing a secure cloud platform that supports digital transformation.

He has won a number of accolades from his employers, written many articles and presented at conferences on the development of Service Management.

  1. Simon Shaw @Bluewolf (

Simon is the Customer Service Practice Director at Bluewolf – an IBM company that creates customer and employer experiences, which harness innovation-now. In his current role he leverages salesforce service, cloud and field service technologies to improve customer and employee experiences.

  1. Ellen Watts @ElleRichLtd (com/in/ellen-watts-trainer)

She is a trainer, author, speaker, facilitator and coach who specialises in premium-brand customer service.

  1. Nathan McGurl @nathanmcgurl (com/in/nathanmcgurl)

Nathan’s current role is Digital Customer Experience at Lloyds Banking Group

He has experience of a wide spectrum of sectors including software, telecoms and financial services. Nathan has extensive digital experience, which he uses to help define and shape the future of customer experience, without loosing sight of the importance of the human touch.

  1. Richard Hanrahan @richardhanrahan (

Richard is the director at Agilisys. He has a broad and comprehensive understanding of customer lifecycle management, customer journey mapping and the design and development of integrated, multi-channel communication solutions with an emphasis on digital transformation.

  1. Joshua March @joshuamarch (com/in/joshuamarch)

Finally, Joshua is the co-founder of Conversocial – a cloud solution that helps businesses to efficiently manage customer service on social media at a large scale. It is used by many contact centres for banks, telcos and other brands.


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