Many sales roles come with excellent career prospects for those who are willing to put the time and effort in. However, as a salesperson, your current sales performance is only half the battle. When it comes to progressing up the career ladder, hiring managers often want operations experience and sales certifications can provide this.

Similarly, if you are in senior sales management and looking for continuous sales training for your team, professional sales courses and certifications can provide the ideal solution. Here, we take a closer look at the certifications offered by Miller Heiman Group and explain how they can boost career prospects.

New Salespeople

Those who are new to the sales environment are perhaps the most obvious candidates for training and becoming a certified sales professional can help them to learn sales skills, while also preparing them for what comes next. The Miller Heiman Group ‘Inside Sales’ track is the perfect starting point.

This particular track has a sales ‘hunter’ focus and is geared towards arming salespeople with the skills required to generate sales opportunities and acquire new customers for a business. It includes two main programmes: securing strategic appointments and professional sales negotiations.

An intensive option is available to those who are able to attend the Miller Heiman Group Summer or Winter Academy, allowing the course to be completed in a period of between three to eight days. Alternatively, a modular option is available, allowing the certification to be acquired in stages over an 18 month period.

Experienced Sales Staff

Of course, it is often those who already have experience within sales who are most keen to take the necessary steps to progress their career and sales certifications are available for them as well. These certifications can help to provide evidence of operational knowledge, which can make promotion more realistic.

The Miller Heiman Group Academy has three distinctive pathways for experienced salespeople, depending on what they want to specialise in and where they see their career going. The ‘Business Development’ track focuses on new customer business, while the ‘Channel Management’ and ‘Account Management’ options focus on existing customers.

All three pathways have programmes focused on strategic selling, successful negotiations and conceptual selling. The ‘Channel Management’ track includes a specific programme centred around channel partner management, while the ‘Account Management’ path provides lessons in large account management process, or LAMP.

Sales Management

Finally, there are certifications for those who are in, or looking to move into, sales management roles. These courses can be especially beneficial for businesses and sales managers, because research has repeatedly shown that companies are significantly more likely to under-train sales managers than they are to under-train sales reps.

The ‘Sales Management’ track offered by the Miller Heiman Group Academy teaches all of the things covered in the ‘Account Management’ track, with additional programmes covering topics like coaching for conceptual and strategic selling, as well as strategic selling funnel management.

Earning this certification is a great way to ensure you are equipped to make the jump from a salesperson to a sales management role and the course can provide businesses with a great way to train prospects.


Whether you are new to sales, or are an experienced salesperson looking to further their career, the certifications offered by the Miller Heiman Group Academy offer an excellent option. More information about the certifications, as well as the 2017 Summer Academy in London/Milton Keynes, can be found by clicking here.

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