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In the modern world, business leaders rely on data to inform important decisions related to almost all aspects of their organisation. Whether they are looking for ways to improve sales performance, or the best customer service training practices, a facts and insight-driven approach offers the best possible chance of success. However, unfortunately, the prevalence of flawed or inaccurate data means this is easier said than done.

This lack of truly reliable data and insight is a key motivation behind the launch of the 2017 World-Class Sales and Service Practices Study by CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group. The study is intended to provide business leaders around the world with detailed, accurate, reliable data on customer service and sales performance, and provide insight into what it is that sets world-class organisations apart from their rivals.

EMEA Insights

As the research branch of Miller Heiman Group, CSO Insights aims to provide independent data and expertise to businesses, so that they can develop strategies to improve the sales skills of their staff and adopt the best practices that improve overall performance. The World-Class Sales and Service Practices Study has been designed to gather global insights, which means respondents are needed from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Seleste Lunsford, the company’s senior director, explained that the new survey will encompass legacy studies produced by CSO Insights, in order to collect data from experts that is more relevant. The study will then be able to provide business leaders with those all-important sales and service insights needed to inform big decisions.

Benefits of Participation

Leaders and professionals working in the fields of sales and customer service are now free to join the 2017 World-Class Sales and Service Practices Study. Any responses to the survey are completely confidential and the results will be presented in an aggregated form. This ensures that participants are free to give honest answers, as none of the data, views or insights will ultimately be linked to any individuals or specific businesses.

Those who take the time to complete the survey will gain instant access to two previous documents produced by CSO Insights — the 2016 report on sales enablement optimisation, and a report on the roles of customer support in generating sales. Moreover, they will be among the first to gain access to the findings of the new study and its valuable insight into the best practices used by industry leaders to provide a truly outstanding customer experience.

Participants can take part in the study by clicking here.