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Few practitioners feel the impact of the rapidly shifting dynamics of the sales industry like sales managers. Sitting at the intersection of the sales organisation, frontline sellers and buyers, sales managers must now lead sellers through an era where sales organisations continually reinvent themselves to meet the needs of buyers’ ever-changing expectations.

Yet in Running in Sand: 2020 Trends in Sales Management, our research finds that though sales managers must lead sellers through these changes, the approaches to sales management haven’t evolved as quickly, with constant change overwhelming managers and leading them away from behaviours that result in success.

In this report, Miller Heiman Group finds that:

  • Sales managers spend twice as much time on administrative work and forecasting as sales coaching
  • Sales organisations hire more than half of sales managers from within
  • Less than one-third of sales organisations claim “developing sales managers into success” as a strength

To help sales organisations better hire, onboard and support sales managers, the report offers insights such as:

  • The top three capabilities that today’s sales manager brings to an organisation
  • The top gaps that sales managers show—and actionable advice to improve them
  • Steps that sales leaders can take to set sales leaders up for success, from enablement to incentives

Download the study now to learn how you can shape your sales management function to motivate stronger performance from your sellers and take on today’s challenging sales environment.