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Today 67% of buyers say their standard for customer experience is higher than ever, yet most companies fall short. When the customer experience doesn’t live up to buyer expectations, it has devastating consequences—50% of consumers are likely to defect an organization after a bad experience.

Customer experience is key to exceeding your customers’ expectations. And interpersonal skills of your employees ultimately make or break the customer experience.

In our report, Why Your Customers Stay or Stray, we surveyed over five thousand consumers globally to better understand employee behaviors they like and dislike and evaluate common service practices —all to better define what a positive customer experience looks like. You’ll get insights into:

  • Four global expectations for customers interactions with employees
  • Preferred forms of communications when solving problems
  • Eight big-picture competencies that create exceptional experiences for customers all over the world
  • The role of emotional effort plays in meeting the human needs of their customers
  • Two major categories of customer needs: human and business

Download the report to improve your organization’s customer experience that results in long-term, repeatable revenue.