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Give your clients the account managers they deserve.

The ability to build relationships with clients and nurture them into strategic, long-lasting accounts hinges on account management. Miller Heiman Group guides sellers towards a more customer-centric management style, helping them to successfully develop strategies to oversee accounts that vary in size and spend.

With Account Management training from Miller Heiman Group, account managers solidify their position as trusted advisors, building loyalty and working with customers to define and reach goals. As a result, sellers create a partnership that is poised to move forward for years to come.

Take the First Steps Towards Better Account Management

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Benefits of Account Management Training


Nurture Client Relationships

Learn how to allocate your people and resources to build and support lasting customer relationships.


Improve Communication and Collaboration

Sellers learn how to create open channels of communication with their customers, collaborating for win-win outcomes.


Identify Account Gaps

By developing stronger relationships with customers, account managers identify gaps and discrepancies in accounts and work to fill those holes.


Mitigate Unexpected Client Turnover

Account managers learn to address potentially negative customer sentiment, avoiding unwanted and unexpected client turnover.

Take the First Steps Towards Better Account Management