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Turn channel strategies into competitive advantage.

Channel management is a critical part of robust, modern sales strategies. Miller Heiman Group’s Channel Management training equips sales organisations with best practices for managing indirect and omnichannel sales efforts.

Channel management comes with its own set of challenges — lack of formal channel management training, poorly defined channel management processes and insufficient sales training. Miller Heiman Group addresses these obstacles head-on, helping you to coach sellers and develop the structure you need to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Benefits of Channel Management Training


Boost Revenue

Expand your reach across sales channels and carefully manage partner relationships to generate more opportunities and, in turn, greater profitability.


Identify Areas for Improvement

Channel benchmarking allows you to understand performance per channel, identifying areas that are performing well and those that need strategy adjustments.


Align Team Members

Ensure that individual team members understand their role in channel management, as well as their role in overall strategy and execution.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers prefer to work with vendors whose channel management partners work collaboratively to deliver complete solutions.

Enhance Your Channel Management Capabilities Today