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Take another step toward perfecting the art of selling.

Sales Coaching provides coaching strategies to improve team performance, provide consistent best-practice reinforcement and mentor developing sellers. We help sales leaders develop and lead sales teams that excel in the field to cultivate mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships.

Miller Heiman Group’s sales management training also improves sales leaders’ ability to hold productive conversations with internal team members, creating a dynamic, collaborative environment where sellers feel supported. By improving coaching effectiveness with internal players and leveraging advanced sales technology, we help organisations build and develop the culture they need to produce high-performing sales teams.

Coach Your Sellers to Success

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Benefits of Sales Coaching Training


Reinforce Best Practices

We don't believe in one-time sales coach training. Our training for sales coaches ensure sales managers guide constant application of newfound skills and behaviour.


Deliver Actionable Seller Feedback

Managers and coaches master the ability to give and receive team member feedback in a way that leads to improved performance.


Coach Anywhere, Anytime

Powered by technology, we give you the tools and skills to coach sellers - no matter their location or experience level.


Establish Standard Sales Coaching Processes

Miller Heiman Group's sales management training equips you with the tools to develop, implement and expand successful coaching processes for sales teams.

Coach Your Sellers to Success

UK Sales Coaching and Management Training

Sales performance requires sales transformation. With more than 40 years experience, our research-based approach has helped countless sales leaders evolve their organisations to meet the needs of today’s buyers. Our UK office headquarters are based in London, providing service to sales organisations throughout the United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Why Organisations Need to Invest in Effective Sales Management Coaching

Learning to lead salespeople: it’s not an innate skill. Yet many organisations treat it that way, promoting top salespeople through the ranks to sales manager positions. But few sales managers are taught along the way how to manage, even though sales management coaching skills directly correlate to their sales team’s success in quota attainment. Perhaps that’s why sales managers spend twice as much time on internal work as they do on effective sales coaching.

This is where Miller Heiman Group’s UK training for sales coaches steps in to fill the gaps, encouraging sales managers to do what you promoted them to do: effective sales coaching through sales coaching best practises.

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How to Coach Sales Reps

Newly promoted sales managers need to be taught sales management coaching for two reasons:

  1. Proper coaching can help sales leaders bring out their sales team’s full potential
  2. Effective sales coaching is a skill unlike any other they’ve had as salespeople

Because effective sales coaching has an immediate and lasting effect on the sales team’s performance, it’s imperative for organisations to develop managers’ understanding of sales coaching best practises as quickly as possible.

But what are those sales management coaching skills?

Sales management coaching is a leadership skill that develops each salesperson’s full potential. Sales managers who are well trained in how to coach sales rep use their expertise and social, communication and questioning skills, to facilitate conversations with their team members that allow them to uncover areas for improvement and possibilities to break through to new levels of success.

Effective sales coaching is also personalised to individual sellers. The most effective sales coaches consider each salesperson’s goals, their individual style and their current strengths and weaknesses before engaging in a coaching dialogue. Then, they structure the conversation to discover areas where the seller can improve behaviours and activities with the goal of improving their results.

Experience How Great Sales Coaching Can Improve Sales Performance

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The 4 Types of Sales Management Training for Sales Coaches

Offering sales training in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Miller Heiman Group's UK team provides four types of training for sales coaches designed to train sales managers on how to develop and support high-performing sales teams.

  1. Strategic Selling® Coaching
  2. Conceptual Selling® Coaching
  3. Sales Funnel Coaching
  4. Professional Sales Coaching

Strategic Selling Coaching

The sales methodology in Strategic Selling® with Perspective shows sellers how to engage fully with buyers early and often in the sales cycle. The sales manager training you learn in Strategic Selling Coaching reinforces the consistent application of these selling tools and techniques, helping sales managers learn how to develop a common sales process and language and build individual sales coaching plans to increase the use of Strategic Selling tools and processes.

Sales managers who take this sales coaching training learn how to optimise Blue Sheet analysis to reinforce the activities that move sales opportunities through the sales funnel, discovering strengths and red flags along the way. They’ll learn how to coach sales reps that have learned Strategic Selling concepts to higher levels of sales performance. Bolstered by Miller Heiman Group’s powerful sales analytics platform, Scout, sales managers can deliver effective sales coaching to their sales teams in real time, improving their performance and their odds of closing deals.

Conceptual Selling Coaching

Maximising the value of buyer-seller interactions: that’s what Conceptual Selling Coaching is all about. The course turns sales leaders into sales mentors. It outlines sales coaching best practises that sales leaders can use to provide ongoing coaching to help sellers prepare for meetings, lead customer-centric conversations and conduct thorough research that gathers the data necessary to move sales opportunities through the funnel.

Conceptual Selling Coaching training for sales coaches shows sales leaders techniques to guide their sales team members toward customer interactions that move deals forward and strengthen relationships. They also learn how to reinforce positive selling behaviours that result in higher-quality information and actionable commitments from customers at the end of every sales meeting. Additionally, sales managers discover how to use Green Sheets to build strategies that result in more effective sales coaching with both sales teams and individual sellers, all with the goal of closing more deals.

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Sales Funnel Coaching

Want a consistent sales funnel process that reinforces the selling behaviours that move deals forward while preventing sellers from wasting energy on deals that are unlikely to close? In our Sales Funnel Coaching sales management training, sales leaders, managers and peer mentors learn sales coaching best practises that result in a stronger sales funnel.

Sales leaders will learn effective sales coaching techniques to monitor potential sales opportunities as they advance through each stage of the sales funnel and discern which opportunities represent the best return on investment so they can prioritise their sellers’ time and resources. They’ll also discover sales coaching best practises that will help them identify the actions that sellers need to take to drive opportunities forward and learn how to coach sellers so they’re more confident in advancing and closing lucrative deals. Miller Heiman Group UK experts will also help sales leaders develop a customised sales funnel that will increase their forecasting accuracy, improve their funnel management and adjust seller behaviour to maximise results.

Professional Sales Coaching

Before you can build a high-performing sales team, you need to create a framework for selling, pull together planning tools and cultivate sales leaders’ communication skills. Professional Sales Coaching teaches sales managers and coaches sales coaching best practises for structuring collaborative coaching conversations that are the foundation of a strong development culture.

First-time and experienced sales managers alike who take this sales management training will learn the skills necessary to build a more positive, motivational work environment and, with it, a stronger, more profitable sales organisation capable of attracting and retaining new customers. They’ll find guidance in how to best coach sales reps, understand why effective sales coaching is important and how and when to deliver coaching conversations, learning the skills that equip them to handle even the most difficult conversations. As a result, sales teams will feel confident, challenged and motivated to deliver increasingly higher levels of productivity.

Designed to Improve the Skills and Output of Any Sales Manager or Coach

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