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Improve forecast accuracy and funnel management.

Sales leaders need insight and clarity into the sales funnel to accurately manage the forecast and pipeline. Sales Funnel Coaching helps sales leaders to develop a customised funnel process for their organisation. Through this framework, sales leaders are better able to examine seller behaviour, making the necessary adjustments to improve performance.

This sales coach training programme helps sales leaders, managers and mentors to work with sellers to stay close to potential sales opportunities, while sharing best practices that lead to closed deals. Using sales funnel methodologies covered in Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Sales Funnel Coaching enables sales leaders to coach their sales teams and allocate resources wisely.

Accelerate Sales Performance With a Stronger Funnel

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Benefits of Sales Funnel Coaching


Improve Seller Efficiency

Coach your sales teams to best allocate their time and resources, eliminating wasted energy in the sales cycle.


Identify Key Sales Behaviours

You'll learn to identify and refine seller behaviours that keep opportunities moving forward across all your sales funnel stages.


Clarify Your Sales Funnel

Work with our expert consultants to develop a customised sales funnel and adopt sales funnel management best practices used by high-performance sales organizations.


Boost Sales Team Confidence

Coach sellers on sales best practices so they have more confidence in advancing and closing lucrative deals.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

Accelerate Sales Performance With a Stronger Funnel

Sales Coaching and Management Training in the UK

Look to Miller Heiman Group for a comprehensive sales training and consulting services that deliver predictable top-line business growth. In the United Kingdom, we provide sales training and sales consulting services in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and other cities.

What Is Sales Funnel Management?

For the best sales and operations planning, it’s important to understand sales funnel management as part of your sales management system. Sales funnel management has four stages:

  1. Prospect: Sellers examine each prospective sales opportunity for a potential fit. Once they communicate with a buying influence and sense the possibility of a sales order, they move the prospect to the next selling stage.
  2. Qualify: Here, sellers verify the possibility of a sales order and identify the buyer’s single sales objective: the specific revenue goal or piece of potential business that you’ll secure by calling on this prospect.
  3. Pursue: Here, the seller gathers the data necessary to fill in any gaps in knowledge and offers the buyer perspective, or valuable knowledge that helps buyers see their problem in a different light and helps them achieve their business goals.
  4. Close: In this final stage, sellers recognise that they have a high probability of winning the business and either have clearly defined next steps or submit a final proposal.

The goal of sales funnel management is to ensure sellers have a constant supply of key sales opportunities moving through the funnel so they maximise their time, meet their sales quotas and avoid the roller-coaster effect of too many or too few prospects.

Without proper training, the sales funnel won’t be managed properly, so one week a sales funnel might be full, but by the following week, it has dried up, leaving sellers to wonder from where their next deal will come. With proper sales management training, sales leaders and sales managers can use sales coaching techniques and sales analytics to build better sales funnel management

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How to Ensure Your Sales Funnel Remains Healthy

Although the roller-coaster sales effect is common, it’s not inevitable. Sellers and sales managers who learn sales and operations planning techniques to manage their sales funnel can keep their sales pipeline healthy.

Our UK sales management training can help ensure a constant flow of opportunities through your organisation’s sales funnel.

Sellers must learn to devote the right amount of time and resources to opportunities in every stage, so opportunities constantly grow from prospect to close. But too many sellers don’t know how to manage their sales funnel.

Six Common Sales Funnel Management Problems

In our sales management training, offered throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we encourage sales managers to devote time in sales coaching to solve these six concerns.

  1. Sellers don’t spend enough time with buyers in the prospecting and qualifying stages, so their funnel dries up.
  2. They pursue easy, quick-to-close opportunities, leaving longer-term deals that might be more lucrative on the table.
  3. They spend more time nurturing opportunities in the pursue phase of the funnel, because it’s more comfortable than breaking out of their comfort zone and looking for new business.
  4. They can’t tell which leads to pursue.
  5. They fail to get commitment from decision-makers.
  6. They can’t sort through their competing priorities, so they keep pushing off closing deals.

Isolating Root Cause on Sales Funnel Problems

Clogs like these in sales funnel management can stem from a host of problems. Sellers might:

  • Lack the right data to make the right decisions
  • Spend too much time on the wrong opportunities
  • Misunderstand the potential risks of the deal
  • Be paralysed by uncertainty of what action to take next
  • Read opportunities incorrectly
  • Need new selling tactics or strategies

Sales coaching can help sellers learn how to navigate these challenges. It can also help them determine the right amount of time to devote to each prospect, based on a variety of factors: the selling tasks that must be performed, the difficulty and amount of work required for each sales objective, the potential revenue involved, the potential for the account to grow and the customer’s buying cycle.

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What You’ll Learn in This Sales Management Training Course

Using the sales funnel methodologies covered in Strategic Selling® with Perspective, Sales Funnel Coaching helps sales leaders, managers and peer mentors remain close to potential sales opportunities as they advance through each funnel stage. This sales coaching training course also shares best practises for improving the identification of the specific salesperson actions needed to move deals forward—best practises that are part of an optimised sales management system.

Specifically, sales leaders will learn how to:

  • Ensure consistent adoption of a sales funnel process
  • Eliminate wasted energy in the sales cycle
  • Raise confidence in advancing lucrative opportunities to a close
  • Reinforce selling behaviours and activities that move sales forward
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Use sales effectiveness metrics to improve funnel management
  • Apply sales analytics to enhance sales pipeline predictability

You can apply these skills to help your sellers prioritise their selling time and make the right decisions about the opportunities lingering in their sales funnel. By using sales effectiveness metrics to track progress, you’ll be able to use sales analytics to improve seller performance at sales funnel management

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Benefits of Sales Funnel Coaching and Sales Funnel Management

Sales Funnel Coaching equips sales leaders with the tools and insights necessary to develop a customised funnel process for your organisation and use sales coaching techniques to improve your sellers’ sales funnel management skills.

After this course, sales leaders and managers will be able to:

  • Identify sales coaching opportunities to help teams and individuals create a steadier stream of prospects moving through the sales funnel
  • Identify whether opportunities are placed in the right funnel stage based on established criteria
  • Use sales analytics to forecast more accurately which deals are most likely to close and when

Beyond those core skills, with this sales management training, you’ll obtain and master sales coaching skills that enable your sellers to:

  • Understand their selling priorities in context
  • Identify the actions required to move opportunities through the sales process
  • Manage their time based on the number or value of opportunities in the funnel
  • Allocate the right amount of time and effort to prospects in each phase of the sales funnel
  • Devote resources to the deals predicted to have the most positive outcomes
  • Prioritise the deals they’re most likely to win—and win them faster

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Is This Sales Management Training Class Right for You?

This course is based on extensive research on sales funnel management. It's the right sales training course for you if you want to:

  • Provide accurate forecast information to the rest of the organisation
  • Coach sales people efficiently and effectively
  • Diagnose problems with opportunities in time to be remedied
  • Identify low-probability opportunities that can be removed from the sales funnel
  • Benchmark for both efficiency and effectiveness

In short, if you’re a sales leader, sales manager or a peer mentor responsible for overseeing the use and application of a sales funnel process, or if you’re involved in sales operations planning, this course is designed for you.

Concerned that your sales funnel is clogged? Want to help your sellers identify the most valuable deals in their sales funnel and improve your ability to forecast sales and manage your sales funnel? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get the sales management training and deliver a sales coaching course that helps your sellers pull more opportunities that turn into closed-won business into your sales pipeline.