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Drive success with a dynamic sales process.

Static sales processes keep sales teams from reaching peak performance. In a landscape where buyer demands are constantly changing, you need to uncover what customers need, and align your sales process accordingly.

Miller Heiman Group’s approach to sales process improvement starts with a deep understanding of your objectives. We help you design and develop a dynamic sales process that details the steps, decisions, measures, tools and content sellers need to execute flawlessly.

Our consulting experts partner with you to deploy your sales process, integrating it into your sales systems, and give you the guidelines and enablement tools you need to ensure long-term success.

Improve Sales Processes to Improve Sales Impact

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Benefits of Sales Process Improvement


Address Your Biggest Obstacles

Standardising your sales process allows you to replicate successful patterns while isolating and resolving your biggest selling hurdles.


Align Your Departments

Sales process improvements only work if your entire organisation is aligned. We work to get every department – sales, marketing, customer service, etc. – on board and up to speed.


Sustain Process Improvements

Coach and reinforce key messages and concepts to ensure sales process improvements are applied for long-term success.


Use Metrics to Track Sales Success

Managers can track activity to guarantee success at each phase of the sales process.

Improve Sales Processes to Improve Sales Impact