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Talent is an essential part of your sales business.

From senior leadership to frontline sales, talent is a critical component of sales success. Sales leaders must excel at recruiting new talent while helping existing teams to live up to their potential. You need a formal, data-driven sales talent strategy for hiring, development, coaching, performance management and engagement.

Miller Heiman Group’s suite of sales talent assessment tools help you to collect data on sellers’ capabilities and potential. The Talent Capabilities Quotient (Talent CQ) helps to identify and measure seller traits that directly correlate with successful performance. Once you’ve identified innate seller characteristics using Talent CQ, you can leverage SkillMap Capabilities Quotient (SMCQ) to define and prioritise the skills critical for sales success.

Our assessment solutions quantify the talents of your team, your leadership and your prospective candidates, enabling you to build and execute a holistic talent strategy.

Put the Right People in the Right Roles – and Maximise Their Potential

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Benefits of Sales Talent Strategy & Assessment


Maximise Potential

Maximise employee potential by focusing on specific skills and inherent attributes that lead to success.


Inform Coaching & Development

Leverage talent assessment results to better inform coaching conversations and training investments.


Assess Potential Hires

Predictive assessment tools allow you to screen and select job candidates based on the skills they display and those you can develop and refine.


Identify Top Performers

Learn who your top performers are and what they do consistently, leveraging those talents and behaviours across your organisation.

Put the Right People in the Right Roles – and Maximise Their Potential