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Build an organisation ready to take on industry disruption.

Miller Heiman Group builds world-class sales and service organisations, preparing them to take on the evolving marketplace. Carefully aligning people, processes and technology at globally recognised companies, our sales consulting experts provide the strategies and tools you need to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, following the right processes.

With more than 40 years of sales consulting experience and nuanced industry knowledge, we drive change in compensation and territory alignment, sales process improvement and talent optimisation. Miller Heiman Group is uniquely qualified to transform your sales and service organisation from the ground up – because we know what works.

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Why Choose Miller Heiman Group's Sales Consultants?



Miller Heiman Group's sales consulting services provide solutions to your most prevalent sales challenges and hurdles, streamlining future success.



At the core of our consulting approach lie proven practices that consistently yield high-quality, customer-centric results.


High Calibre

Our consulting practice is led by an experienced group of sales consultants with a working knowledge of what it takes to add value to your existing client services.



Our sales consulting team looks at every function across your organisation, giving us the ability to provide in-depth, actionable insights.

Boost Your Sales Transformation Efforts

Experienced Sales Consultants

With an operational presence in 67 countries and over 400+ sales and delivery consultants, we specialise in serving large, enterprise global sales organisations, but we also provide sales consulting solutions tailored to startup, SMB and middle-market sales organisations.

We bring deep industry experience to every sales consulting engagement we undertake, never resorting to the cookie-cutter solutions that are the go-to solution for most sales consulting firms.

Very few sales consulting companies have the breadth and depth of experience that is available to you with our Miller Heiman Group South Africa sales consultants. Whatever sales challenges you face, odds are we've got the sales consulting solution you've been seeking.

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A Flexible Approach to Sales Consulting

We take an end-to-end transformation approach to our sales consulting engagements, starting with establishing an agreed-upon perspective as to what your sales organisation might look like if it executed world-class sales practises in tight alignment with your business objectives.

This sales transformation roadmap provides you with a detailed outline of what needs to be done and you can tackle those initiatives internally, with support from our sales consultants. Typically, the sales transformation plan prioritises initiatives based on ROI, but we approach every sales consulting engagement with flexibility, allowing you to sequence the various stages of sales transformation as you see fit.

In partnering with Miller Heiman Group South Africa, you'll have experts from one of the top sales consulting firms in the world on hand to advise you on:

  • The detailed steps that you need to take to implement any given sales improvement initiative;
  • The ideal order to carry out the sales improvement steps, based on our long and successful track record in helping our clients with sales effectiveness improvement programmes;
  • Hands-on support in executing the needed changes, with appropriate sales training interventions that leverage our vast collection of sales training resources; and
  • Using sales technology effectively to ensure you get the ROI you seek on your sales transformation programme

Our flexible approach to sales consulting ensures we take the approach that meets your needs, rather than applying a cookie-cutter approach typical of other sales consulting firms. The right approach to your situation could involve the following five steps:

  1. Market Analysis -- Who are we selling to, how many prospects are there, what are they like, where are they located and what are their pain points? This work identifies the highest-priority customer segments to chase and allows us to define value propositions that attract customers while limiting the potential of competitors to grab market share that is rightfully yours.
  2. Buyer Journey Definition -- Buyer behaviours are changing and so is the way that they want to interact with sellers. Many selling models still sell based on outdated perspectives on how buyers navigate the funnel from initial interest to contract. Accordingly, we map your buyer journeys in detail, giving you a deep and current understanding of how they buy.
  3. Sales Process Alignment -- Once we understand how your buyers behave and what they expect from you, we work with you to co-create a tailored sales process that aligns your activity with the buyers' requirements.
  4. Supporting Functions Alignment -- Defining the buyer journey and improving sales systems to better serve buyers almost always identifies that pre-sale marketing and post-sale service functions are not well aligned to the buyer. In addition, we often see tensions and inefficiencies between sales, marketing and service that erode overall effectiveness. We then use a sales consulting framework to get all departments aligned to improve organisational results.
  5. Continuous Improvement Initiatives -- Changes in buyer preferences, the competitive landscape and your business model require ongoing improvement initiatives to ensure your sales organisation operates at peak performance levels. We give you the tools to identify and stay on top of these issues, moving you toward a continuous improvement model that keeps your sales organisation ahead of the pack.

This nimble approach to sales consulting helps you isolate trouble spots that may be holding your sales organisation back and gives you a blueprint for resolving issues that hinder your sales effectiveness. Some of the more common sales challenges we help our clients address include:

  • sub-optimal organisational structure
  • outdated or missing role definitions
  • inefficient coverage and sales territory models
  • weak sales enablement
  • ineffective value messaging
  • sales compensation programmes that fail to motivate sellers

These are common issues for many sales organisations. If issues like these are holding back your sales potential, it's time to talk to our experienced sales consultants to see how we can help.

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Highly Effective Sales Consulting Solutions

As the industry-leading sales performance company serving over 3,000 clients annually, and with a successful track record of helping some of the world's top companies navigate complex sales transformation initiatives over decades, we are well-equipped to assist you with any sales challenge. Our sales consultancy group offers a wide range of sales consulting engagements, including but not limited to those described below.

Sales Strategy Consulting

Our sales consultants can help you define your go-to-market sales strategy.

We'll do a deep analysis of your existing sales strategy and how it might be improved. Many organisations have not adapted their sales strategies to fast-moving changes in their business model, their competitive landscape and industry fundamentals.

When existing sales strategies are not delivering or when the sales strategies have not kept up with changes, it's time to reassess your go-to-market sales strategy.

Our sales strategy consultants will design the optimal sales strategy for you, with a sales execution model that covers sales organisation design, channel management, sales role design, sales territory optimization, sales process design, development of detailed sales playbooks and end-to-end sales compensation design.

Our recommendations in a sales strategy engagement can range from re-architecting the sales model (e.g. shifting from audience-based approaches to a competency-based model) to emphasising discovery skills and identification of client needs early in the funnel because that is where your organisation loses the battle. The answers come from our time-tested approach to defining sales strategies aligned to buyer journeys, and nobody can do it better than the South Africa sales strategy consultants at Miller Heiman Group.

Sales Transformation Consulting

Ambitious business objectives or material business model pivots often require a complete reinvention and recast of the existing sales organisations. For organisations that need to redesign their approach to sales, our sales transformation consultants can provide the roadmap to future-proof the sales organisation, migrate selling to new and more effective sales paradigms and inject renewed enthusiasm, capabilities, organisation and tools to capture significantly grow sales results.

Our sales transformation consultants start with a series of sales assessment exercises. We add in stakeholder interviews, ride-alongs, focus groups and market research. We then map out the current state and find misalignment with evolving buyer processes and modern selling best practises.

From there, we document the roadmap to your future state as a sales organisation, with quantification of likely ROI, initiative prioritisation, change management considerations and a detailed timeline. We cover everything from sales territory alignment to sales compensation models to sales talent development. For organisations with ambition that is dependent on selling proficiency, this is a high-return sales transformation consulting programme.

Sales Talent Assessment Consulting

We can help you implement a customised sales talent assessment tool that evaluates sales talent on important attributes related to the key drivers of sales success: Motivation, Interaction, Execution and Cognition. We start with defining what great sales talent looks like for your organisation and we map that to science-backed profiles and effective selling traits derived from tens of thousands of real-world sellers and their sales results. Over 140 sales competency attributes can be applied to your sales assessments.

With our battle-tested sales talent assessment system in place, you can accurately predict on-the-job behaviour, job fit, motivation and likelihood of sales effectiveness for your sales candidates, across all sales roles.

You can also use the sales talent assessment tool to assess existing sales personnel. Many of our enterprise customers conduct periodic audits to map the sales organisation against their high-performance profile of what great sales talent looks like.

We've seen our approach to sales talent assessment dramatically improve sales performance at thousands of companies, ranging from large, global companies to highly successful, fast-growth startup companies and across every industry. This is a smart talent assessment system and methodology that just works. It can be implemented as part of a larger sales transformation consulting engagement or as a standalone project for our sales talent consultants.

Sales Methodology Consulting

Effective selling organisations share common traits: strong culture, articulated customs and values, shared beliefs and identity and a common language and approach defined in a sales methodology embraced by the entire organisation.

Our sales methodology consultants ensure that you've got an effective selling methodology and sales system in place to maximise organisational sales effectiveness.

First and foremost, we'll make sure you employ a customer-centric approach that successfully grows accounts, wins opportunities, shortens sales cycles, reduces discounting and improves client interactions. Revenue growth, profit improvement, market share, wallet share and other important KPIs are contingent on this foundational piece of your sales system, and we've seen dramatic improvements in sales performance after completing these sales methodology consulting engagements.

From an internal effectiveness perspective, you'll also see game-changing benefits after upgrading your sales methodology and working through a smart sales methodology deployment programme. The common language of a good sales methodology binds the organisation around common objectives, streamlines discussions and increases collaboration across the entire organisation, including marketing, sales, sales enablement, finance and operations.

Sales Territory Alignment Consulting

As a trusted sales consulting partner to a global client base of marquee brands, we've developed a niche consulting focus around sales territory design and sales territory optimization.

If you've already implemented sales territories, we will assess current sales territory performance and map out overperformers and underperformers. After this review, we present our findings with respect to sales territory performance, coverage and the potential need to reorganise and realign sales territories. Finally, we will provide a plan to revise your sales territory structure to optimise sales results, sales team satisfaction, customer service and bottom-line profitability.

For those moving to sales territories for the first time, we will educate you on sales territory alignment best practises and help you roll out an optimised sales territory plan.

Sales territory design and management are key drivers of sales success in the modern era. Let our sales territory optimization consultants help you make sure you get it right.

Sales Process Improvement Consulting

A good sales process unlocks seller potential that is not being captured. Previously unattainable targets become attainable when we recast your sales process to drive more effective selling behaviours.

Our sales process improvement consulting engagements start with an assessment of how well you create sales opportunities, manage sales opportunities and manage sales relationships. From there, we'll prescribe what is needed most, often requiring a new set of competencies, skills, performance standards and metrics.

To power that future state, we'll explain how you can improve your sales process, covering everything from people and organisation to sales operations and enablement to sales management execution. While many sales process consultants will leave you with just a deck, we'll help you operationalise your new sales process, providing detailed training materials on the new sales process and helping you with the rollout.

Sales Organisation Diagnostics and Assessments

Our sales consulting toolkit includes a variety of sales organisation assessments and diagnostic tools. Whatever your challenge, we've likely got a sales assessment tool to benchmark your current performance and identify the opportunity to move your organisation to world-class selling.

Common questions we answer via our sales assessments include:

  • How well is your sales organisation executing against selling best practises used by world-class sales organisations?
  • Are sales reps hitting quota at the expense of profit margin? How much margin could be captured if we trained reps such that they sold to value and avoided discounting?
  • What's the variance in sales performance by territory and why are some territories outperforming others? Is there an opportunity to improve sales performance by redefining sales territories?
  • How good is your sales leadership talent, sales management talent and frontline selling talent? Where are they strong and where is there room for improvement?
  • To what extent is sales enablement aligned with the sales process? Is misalignment hindering sales win rates?
  • Are sales KPIs measured accurately and used effectively in sales coaching sessions? Are the right sales dashboards and sales technology in place? What are the improvement opportunities with respect to sales KPIs and sales coaching?

Sales Compensation Design Consultants

For companies pursuing a sales transformation programme aimed at improving sales effectiveness, it's also important to define how the sales organisation is best organised, deployed and compensated.

Once you determine sales force structure, sales force roles and sales force sizing, our sales compensation consultants can help you assess and align sales incentive and compensation plans to achieve business objectives. This is typically a three-step process:

  • Assess Current Sales Compensation Design -- We conduct renumeration benchmarking and conduct various pay and performance analyses.
  • Design Go-Forward Sales Compensation Structure -- We model new sales compensation designs to determine financial impacts across multiple scenarios, arriving at a final recommendation for changes to your sales compensation design, including base pay, bonuses, commissions and other incentives across all sales roles.
  • Implementation Planning -- We coordinate with you on legal requirements, work through the impact on Finance and other departments, assist with internal communications and prepare a detailed workplan for the rollout of the new sales compensation programme.

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If you're interested in a sales transformation programme that will transition your organisation to world-class sales performance, there is no better sales consulting firm in the SOUTH AFRICA than Miller Heiman Group. Please get in touch to speak with our experts and receive a complimentary sales consultation session to assess your needs.