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We’re the gold standard in sales industry research.

CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, analyses and measures trends in sales effectiveness, enablement, leadership, operations and technology to help companies to identify best practices and implement successful sales strategies.

As the leading provider of sales performance and operational benchmark data, CSO Insights takes a close look at the practices and sales strategies of world-class organisations. Our annual research helps companies around the world to refine their sales, strategy and execution.

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Why CSO Insights?



Our research focuses on current challenges and future trends, giving our clients the opportunity to stay ahead of industry disruption.



Our team of highly regarded analysts provide organisations with the data, expertise and best practices to build winning sales strategies.



Sales and service organisations around the world turn to CSO Insights for sales enablement direction and sales performance metrics.



We leverage the knowledge of sales leaders across a variety of disciplines to ensure our research reports include input and expertise from the best minds in the sales industry.

Gain Access to the Insights You're Looking For