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Sales managers have a heavy load: considerable responsibility for organization success sits squarely on their shoulders. Each day, the COVID-19 pandemic brings new pressures and uncertainty into their realm. Organizations are adjusting to the new normal with changes made both internally and externally, and sales managers often bear the brunt of those changes.

Underneath all this uncertainty lies the need for strong leadership and team execution. Sales managers hold a tremendous sphere of influence: they’re responsible for an average of eight direct reports and usually carry their own quota. Sales managers are the key to navigating trends and facilitating change: they are the linchpin between the sales organization, sellers and buyers.

Our whitepaper, The Hardest Job in Sales Just Got Harder: Sales Management Strategies in Crisis, offers immediate steps sales managers can take that result in long-term success. In this whitepaper you’ll discover:

    • Five traits managers should exhibit to lead their team through crisis
    • Immediate areas to focus that guide organizations through a transformation
    • Strategies for handling funnel reviews, coaching, buyer relationships and more

The approach sales managers take today has a lasting impact on their team. Download these insights and set your organization on a successful path to weather this storm.