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Drive success with a dynamic sales process.

Static sales processes keep sales teams from reaching peak performance. In a landscape where buyer demands are constantly changing, you need to uncover what customers need, and align your sales process accordingly.

Miller Heiman Group’s approach to sales process improvement starts with a deep understanding of your objectives. We help you design and develop a dynamic sales process that details the steps, decisions, measures, tools and content sellers need to execute flawlessly.

Our consulting experts partner with you to deploy your sales process, integrating it into your sales systems, and give you the guidelines and enablement tools you need to ensure long-term success.

Improve Sales Processes to Improve Sales Impact

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Benefits of Sales Process Improvement


Address Your Biggest Obstacles

Standardising your sales process allows you to replicate successful patterns while isolating and resolving your biggest selling hurdles.


Align Your Departments

Sales process improvements only work if your entire organisation is aligned. We work to get every department – sales, marketing, customer service, etc. – on board and up to speed.


Sustain Process Improvements

Coach and reinforce key messages and concepts to ensure sales process improvements are applied for long-term success.


Use Metrics to Track Sales Success

Managers can track activity to guarantee success at each phase of the sales process.

Improve Sales Processes to Improve Sales Impact

How to Use Sales Process Improvement and Sales Consulting to Drive Effective Sales Management

Effective consultative selling begins by benchmarking and redesigning a sales system to ensure accelerated performance by your sales force — and to meet your sales management objectives, that means beginning by fully understanding your buyers' journey in great detail.

By investing in understanding how your customers move from awareness to loyalty, you'll be able to build a sales system that helps you meet the objectives of sales management at your organisation.

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Developing a Sales Strategy with Our South Africa Sales Consulting Team

Whenever we begin a sales consulting engagement, we take organisations through two phases of sales transformation strategy: Align, wherein we make sure that a sales organisation focuses on developing a sales strategy to unite behind effective sales management; and Execute, wherein the organisation invests in sales training techniques and sales training programmes for its managers and teams on skills and methodology.

Practically speaking, we focus on sales process improvement and sales transformation consulting to drive effective consultative selling by meeting these objectives:

  • Enabling standardisation of the sales process, allowing replication of successful patterns while isolating and resolving biggest hurdles to effective selling
  • Ensuring all departments — sales, marketing and customer service — are on board and up to speed
  • Coaching and reinforcing key messages and concepts to ensure sales transformation strategies are applied for long-term success
  • Enabling managers to track activity and sales analytics metrics to guarantee success at each phase of the sales process

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6 Steps We Take to Develop a Sales Strategy and Improved Sales Process

When we take a sales organisation through its sales transformation process, we analyse it from a number of angles and bring a customised approach to every one of our sales consulting engagements; we develop a sales strategy based on qualitative and quantitative data, using consultative selling approaches before we deploy sales training techniques to your sales force.

Our sales consulting strategy to redesign an organisation's sales process often includes analysis and implementation of six critical steps. By investing in aligning your organisation through these six steps, you'll understand how your sales system and process can help you become stronger at consultative selling and build a sales effectiveness framework.

Here is an example of the six steps we take in our sales process improvement approach:

  1. Buyer Journey. Buyers are smarter and expect more from sellers than ever before, which means sellers need to invest in understanding how buyers move from their status quo through awareness and consideration to making a decision to becoming loyal customers. Because the buyer journey has grown more complex, we invest in assessing current buying and selling processes to design and implement a clearly defined buyer journey to make sure your organisation engages in effective sales management.
  2. Sales Process. Using what we've learned from assessing your buying and selling processes by conducting research and interviews with sales leaders, top performers and customers, we build and execute a sales process, to provide a roadmap and playbook to change the way your sellers behave while providing a common language and giving you a tool to measure your progress. By aligning to a common and dynamic sales process, you'll begin to see effective sales management grow at your organisation.
  3. Marketing / Sales / Service and Organisational Alignment. As the buyer journey develops, the line between organisational teams begins to blur. Before you allow silos to redevelop, it's critical to align every part of your organisation that touches customers by defining organisational structure to optimise lead conversion, pull together a communication plan and assets, establish rules to guide joint decision making and create a measurement protocol. By aligning these functions around the buyer journey, the sales process will make sure that every customer-facing professional contributes to creating a seamless and positive customer experience from start to finish.
  4. Organisational Alignment. We help you identify gaps in your sales and service organisation, understanding where you may have missing roles or have roles that require changing. We then pull together a well-developed, data-based talent strategy to make sure you have the right people in the right roles for truly effective sales management.
  5. Coverage Modelling. Understanding your buyer requirements and expectations also helps us optimise the shape of your sales team, making sure we structure your salesforce against market opportunity, funnel stages and conversion rates, as well as how each role delivers against business metrics.
  6. Value Messaging and Playbooks. Once we understand the buyer journey, how it informs the sales process and align your organisation together to speak a common language, using the right people in the right roles with the right coverage, we work with you to craft and deliver impactful messaging that communicates your value to buyers and customers alike, offering perspective and insights. We also develop playbooks to provide a common language, framework and approach for effectively developing and closing opportunities.

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The Sales Process Playbook for Developing a Sales Strategy in Consultative Selling

One of the key aspects of helping sales organisations identify their objectives of sales management as part of our sales consulting process is to establish a sales process playbook so they can understand the sales process and how to implement sales process improvement.

We develop playbook materials aimed teaching sales training techniques both individual sellers as well as sales leaders so that your organisation can drive effective sales management with its improved sales process and through sales training programmes.

Here are a few examples of what we include in a playbook so that we can roll out your sales process improvement to your entire sales team in an effective way:

  1. Overview of Sales Process and Buyer Process
  2. Details on Seller Activities and Client Outcomes
  3. Sales Coaching Guide
  4. Pipeline Management
  5. KPIs for Each Stage

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How Sales Process Improvement Helps You Create Your Sales Transformation Roadmap

By standardising your sales process, your organisation will be able to come together across departments to deliver valuable, customer-centric messages to a changing, increasingly complex buyer.

By investing in a sales process, you'll be able to replicate successful patterns, speaking in a common sales language and coach and reinforce key messages and concepts for long-term success. We also provide you with key performance indicators, including sales effectiveness metrics and customer experience metrics, to track to guarantee success at each phase of the sales process, from awareness and interest to decision and post-sale.

By investing in sales process improvement, sales organisations will develop a dynamic sales process that sellers and sales managers alike can use to execute and grow your business in a consistent, scalable and repeatable manner.

Ready to begin your sales process improvement journey? Contact our sales consulting team to begin planning your sales transformation to provide more effective sales management and make sure your organisation develops a winning sales strategy focused on consultative selling.