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Take your sales training to the next level.

Miller Heiman Group’s Advanced Selling courses feature globally recognised sales training like Strategic Selling® with Perspective and Conceptual Selling®. From conducting strategic account analyses to encouraging customer actions, Advanced Selling helps sellers to better serve buyers in constantly changing, complex business environments.

Featuring immersive, high-energy coursework designed to build and refine high-performing sales teams, Advanced Selling sales training from Miller Heiman Group takes your organisation’s selling prowess to the next level.

The Next Phase of Your Sales Training Starts Here

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Benefits of Advanced Selling Sales Training


Future Proofing

We're always thinking one step ahead. Our sales training programmes reflect the latest industry trends and changes in today's evolving sales landscape.


Expert Delivery

Led by seasoned sales leaders, Miller Heiman Group’s advanced sales courses focus on applied, real-world learning.


Improved Sales Performance

From shortening sales cycles to increasing deal size, Advanced Selling expands sellers' abilities - from front-line reps to senior sales leaders.


Global Recognition

Join sales and service organisations around the world who trust Miller Heiman Group to improve sales strategies and train sellers on advanced skills.

The Next Phase of Your Sales Training Starts Here

How Advanced Sales Training Improves Organisational Sales Results

Sales executives who wonder how to improve sales performance should consider beginning their sales force's journey through Miller Heiman Group's advanced sales training courses in the South Africa. While fundamentals are important, organisations see the biggest ROI when they provide training in more advanced selling skills, such as handling complex sales deals, selling to executives, strategizing for sales meetings, negotiating with customers and securing appointments with key decision-makers.

Companies that offer advanced sales training courses reap a number of benefits:

  • Future-proof sales: The sales landscape is continually evolving, and sellers must understand ever-changing buyer thinking to keep up
  • Improve buyer alignment: Keep buyers and sellers on the same page by making sure that seller objectives match up with customer needs
  • Differentiate your solution: Learn how to ensure that your products and services stand out from the crowd so you can move the sales opportunity forward
  • Increase deal size: Discover unrecognised needs to grow the value of your solution – and win the sale
  • Shorten sales cycles: Encourage customers to take action faster by improving engagement throughout the sales cycle
  • Accelerate deals: Break down complex sales processes into understandable components, so sellers can take the right action more quickly to move buyers further into the sales funnel
  • Reduce customer attrition: Build stronger customer relationships that discourage buyers from looking elsewhere for solutions
  • Easier employee recruitment and retention: Investing in sellers with continuous development builds employee loyalty

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Five Ways to Show Sellers the Benefits of Enterprise Sales Training

Sellers would rather spend their time selling than doing anything else – and that includes advanced sales training courses. As you build your plan for advanced sales training, it's important to show even experienced sellers how investing and understanding a complex sales methodology helps them exceed their quotas and grow their win rates. To do so, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Walk the talk. Ensure that all sales leaders and managers highlight the importance of training, and make sure the sales force recognises that developing advanced sales skills is an urgent initiative with the backing of executives.
  2. Set expectations. Explain to the sales force why you're offering advanced sales training by linking it to company, department and individual goals.
  3. Tie the training to seller motivations. Explain what's in it for them. How can the advanced sales training improve their selling skills and lead to tangible improvements in their sales results, including quota attainment? Use specific examples to show sellers that it's worth their time to invest in the sales training.
  4. Help sellers understand that advanced sales training is a process. Many salespeople think that training stops with onboarding. Embed sales training courses into your organisation's culture as a part of your ongoing learning and development initiatives and include it in your development plans so it becomes part of your sales team's goals.
  5. Explain how buyer expectations have changed. Buyers are more informed than ever, and they're engaging sellers later in the sales process. Even the most seasoned salespeople can benefit from learning advanced sales techniques to break the buyer apathy loop.

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Mapping Your Advanced Sales Training to a Sales Capability Model

What gets measured gets managed, and sales training should be treated the same as any other business discipline. A sales capability model turns the guesswork behind ad hoc, informal sales training and coaching into a formal process that ties development needs to sales performance.

There are four steps to take to align sales training with sales capabilities:

  1. Establish goals for your sales training programme. Sales leaders should set expectations for the impact of sales training on business strategies and sales results.
  2. Evaluate the current state of the organisation's advanced sales training. Look for the gaps in training for your sales force. Then create a roadmap to fill those gaps with appropriate development tools and resources.
  3. Ensure that your advanced sales training aligns with the customer experience. Tailor your development offerings to the challenges that your sales force encounters at each stage of the buyer's journey.
  4. Inventory your existing training plans. Assess your current training offerings to ensure they are consistent with the buyer journey, the skill profile of your sales force and your goals. Discard anything that is no longer relevant to your organisation's priorities and objectives.

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Take Sales to the Next Level With Six Advanced Sales Training Courses

Ready to take your sales skills to the next level? Miller Heiman Group offers six specialised sales training courses that tackle the most complex sales processes:

  • Strategic Selling® with Perspective: Learn how to strategically handle accounts with multiple decision-makers, uncover buyer motivations, engage with sellers earlier in the sales cycle and take the right action at the right time so you can close more sales. Combine sales methodology with technology – and our sales analytics platform, Scout – to help sellers identify the actions that increase the odds of closing deals.
  • Conceptual Selling®: Get a competitive edge with winning customer interaction strategies so you're better prepared for buyer meetings, whether planned or impromptu. Learn how to hold customer-centric conversations that lead to better outcomes by assessing buyer needs and aligning your products and services with what your customers want.
  • Executive Impact℠: Learn how executives process and retain information so you can tailor your sales presentation for the greatest impact. Learn about the five executive decision-making styles and how to deliver the right information to the C-suite at the right time.
  • Negotiation Skills: Win more complex deals while avoiding discount pressures, building trust with buyers and accelerating the sales cycle. Learn both foundational and advanced sales negotiation skills that help you respond to aggressive customer tactics, position yourself for future success and outperform the competition.
  • Securing Appointments: Schedule more appointments with the key players at prospects that are likely to become quality selling opportunities. Have valuable conversations with important contacts that speak directly to their needs and pain points.

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