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Give prospects a compelling reason to take sales meetings.

Miller Heiman Group’s Securing Appointments programme focuses on securing time with high-level prospects or contacts in client organisations. Instead of reaching out to companies with mass pitches, sellers learn how to target organisations with carefully tailored, consistent messaging that sets them apart from competitors.

Sellers are paired with a Miller Heiman Group expert to put their sales training into action, incorporating the sales prospecting methods and strategies they learn throughout the programme into their current activities. As a result, they’ll generate valuable leads and move sales opportunities through the funnel.

Secure Appointments to Fill the Funnel

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Benefits of Securing Appointments


Increase Number of Quality Appointments

Target key players to secure meaningful appointments that carry a higher probability of success.


Improve Seller Confidence

Sellers feel more confident and comfortable when reaching out to potential buyers to secure sales appointments.


Fill the Sales Funnel

By identifying the right meeting opportunities and prospects, you'll fill your organisation's sales pipeline with quality opportunities.


Talk Directly to Key Contacts

Sellers hone their messaging by utilising research to speak directly to the business needs and pain points of key audiences.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

Secure More Sales Appointments to Fill the Funnel

Consultative Selling Skills Covered in This Sales Training Programme

This South Africa sales training programme covers the following sales training techniques to help you secure time with key decision makers and make your conversations with them more valuable. This consultative selling course may be right for your sales organisation if you're trying to:

  • Increase Contact Rates and Ratio of Quality Appointments – Using consultative selling skills, sales professionals will learn to identify and leverage a prospect's most critical business challenges to secure high-quality conversations.
  • Improve Prospecting Effectiveness – Improve your sellers' likelihood of getting meetings scheduled and calls returned with this consultative selling approach, thus boosting their confidence.
  • Message Consistently to Key Contacts – Develop sales strategies to convey compelling reasons for prospects or new contacts within a client organisation to generate new leads and move more opportunities through the funnel.
  • Increase Professional Confidence and Decrease Wasted Time – Understand sales techniques to differentiate yourself from others fighting for time with key decision-makers and influencers.

Use This Consultative Selling Approach to Get More High-Value Sales Calls

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Which Professionals Should Attend This Sales Training Programme?

Any sales professional seeking a sales training programme that helps them develop a sales strategy to secure more meetings, from business development and sales to account managers and senior leadership, will benefit from attending this consultative selling course.

Improve Your Ability to Land Meetings with Key Contacts with 3 Sales Training Techniques

To prepare any seller at any level to build stronger sales techniques to target the right contacts, implement this sales strategy into existing prospecting activities and generate valuable leads. By utilising consultative selling techniques like identifying challenges that your contacts may face, you'll be more likely to secure appointments and make your time together more valuable.

Here are 3 of the 7 contact planning strategies that sellers of all levels will master as part of this sales training programme.

  • Market Targeting – To understand what's top of mind for prospects you want to target, use consultative selling to understand how delivering a powerful message to the right person gets you appointments
  • Challenge Statements – Studies show you have 10 to 15 seconds to strike a chord with someone by phone when trying to secure time. In this sales training programme, we'll develop a sales strategy to succinctly and easily tell the decision maker why they should listen to you.
  • Outcome Statement – When a client responds to Challenge Statements, the best consultative sellers share tangible and measurable results achieved for others, built on the Challenge Statement.

Now is the time to invest in this sales training programme to land more meetings and use these consultative selling skills to develop a winning sales strategy. Contact us to start the conversation; we'll deliver sales training techniques that will result in your sellers' calendars filling up with high-quality conversations with key decision-makers.

Sales Training Programmes to Get More Meetings

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Advanced and Foundational Consultative Selling Techniques to Get Sales Appointments

It doesn't matter if you're new to consultative selling or an experienced senior leader seeking a sales training programme to further develop your sales team's technique. Whatever level you're at, you'll benefit from our sales training classes, coursework or materials, which pair the latest trends and research with time-tested sales training techniques to understand how to approach today's modern buyer. We'll help you develop a sales strategy to support you in:

  • Using research to develop a sales strategy to identify possible challenges that you may face in getting in front of a key contact.
  • Articulating the value that your organisation provides to similar individuals or industries through consultative selling.
  • Increasing individual sellers' confidence in prospecting through sales training techniques like role playing.
  • Developing a sales strategy that allows sellers to gain access to previously unreached decision makers in current accounts.
  • Applying the takeaways from this sales training programme to increase the ratio of appointments successfully secured through prospecting.
  • Utilising consultative selling to fill the top of the sales funnel with quality prospects who want to talk to your sellers.

Why This Sales Training Technique Matters

Backed by CSO Insights sales research and built on the latest sales trends, our Securing Strategic Appointments sales training programme focuses on giving sellers the tools they need to use consultative selling to get more meetings. The benefits of making this investment in sales training techniques are what sets world-class sales organisations apart from the average:

  • 70% of buyers indicate that they engage sellers late in their purchasing process, making the consultative selling approach more important than ever, as there's pressure to make every sales call to provide value.
  • Organisations that invest in sales training programmes build a stronger pipeline and see higher achievement in win rates and quota attainment than organisations that don't
  • By developing your sales strategy to improve your sellers' ability to get sales meetings and use their consultative selling skills to ensure they're mutually valuable, you'll see an increase in engaged prospects.

The ROI on Securing Strategic Appointments will pay dividends--and all it requires is a half-day investment in this sales training programme.

A Practical Sales Training Programme Focused on Getting More Sales Meetings

You can't win if you can't get in the door. By learning these sales training techniques, you will learn consultative selling approaches that not only get you into the buying process earlier, but demonstrate your expertise with consistent, tailored messaging that puts you ahead of your competition:

  • Through the consultative selling role plays and group exercises that this sales training programme offers, you'll learn how to identify key contacts at prospects, effectively research their business needs and book more appointments that deliver value to both you and your prospects.
  • Your team will develop a sales strategy to get more high-quality appointments that's repeatable and scalable.
  • With just a half-day investment of time, your team will learn sales techniques that they can apply immediately to their prospecting efforts.

By understanding the role that consultative selling plays in securing more sales meetings and making those meetings more valuable, sellers at your organisation will build a stronger pipeline, improve prospect conversations at the top of the funnel and ultimately develop a sales strategy that leads to more wins and places you ahead of your competition for prospects' time.