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Discover and deliver the solutions that solve customer needs.

Professional Selling Skills® helps sellers effectively discover and address customer needs, improving in-the-moment interactions with buyers. Developing the selling skills that have benefitted millions of sales professionals around the world, Professional Selling Skills® builds a seller’s ability to lead mutually beneficial sales conversations with any customer, any time.

Professional Selling Skills® is a research-based sales training programme designed for every seller — regardless of their position or tenure. Highlighting the sales training sellers need to excel at quota attainment, new business development and account growth, this programme hones and develops universal sales skills.

Take Your Team's Selling Skills to the Next Level

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Benefits of Professional Selling Skills® Sales Training


Own the Conversation

Learn key conversational skills, enabling sellers to engage customers and accurately identify buyer pain points, developing stronger buyer-seller relationships.


Ask the Right Questions

Use thoughtful questions to develop a clear understanding of buyer needs, leading to compelling, customer-centric interactions.


Resolve Customer Concerns

Recognise and resolve customer concerns, openly addressing any scepticism buyers have about your solutions or message.


Close the Deal

Practise and perfect the three-step process for securing customer commitment.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Take Your Team's Selling Skills to the Next Level

Foundational Selling Skills Covered in This Sales Training Programme

This sales training programme covers foundational sales skills that allow you to discover and effectively address decision makers' needs:

  • Professional Selling Skills trains you to effectively uncover and discuss customer needs, improving in-the-moment interactions with buyers.
  • Professional Selling Skills builds a seller's ability to lead mutually beneficial sales conversations with any customer, any time.
  • Millions of sales professionals around the world have benefitted from the effective selling skills that are taught in this sales training course.

Sales training programmes often fall short on ROI and lack direction. Professional Selling Skills is a research-based sales training programme designed for every seller -- regardless of position or tenure.

Highlighting the sales best practises that sellers need to excel at quota attainment, new business development and account growth, this sales training programme hones and develops universal sales skills to exceed quota.

Sales Training to Dramatically Improve Your Sales Performance

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Reasons to Sign Up for This Sales Training Course

This consultative selling course may be right for your sales organisation if you want to:

  • Have collaborative interactions with customers that keep them engaged during the sales call
  • Build clear understanding of a customer's business circumstances and needs in order to recommend customer-centric solutions
  • Address customer concerns that arise along the way without impeding progress on closing the sale
  • Achieve the greatest possible sales call commitment to move sales cycles forward
  • Apply a thoughtful planning approach to each sales call to get the best possible business results

Which Professionals Should Attend This Sales Training Course?

This sales training class provides a foundational, programmatic approach to learning, and many different experience levels will benefit from the sales strategy taught in this sales training programme. This sales training is likely best suited for the following professionals:

  • A new salesperson: someone who's just starting their sales career
  • An experienced seller: someone who wants to refine their skills or adjust to a new sales role in a complex selling ecosystem.
  • Customer experience professionals: professionals who value client interactions and want to focus on key elements that will not only fix in-the-moment issues, but also drive long-term loyalty.
  • Sales managers: people who want to identify sales training courses for their teams to help improve their coaching capabilities.
  • Professionals looking to break into sales: if you want to develop essential skills built on sales best practises, this is the foundational sales training programme for you.

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8 Sales Skills Covered in Professional Selling Skills

In this course, we cover sales strategies and sales training techniques designed to teach sellers how to:

  1. Begin sales interactions in a positive, customer-focused manner.
  2. Optimise sales interactions and make sure the time spent is beneficial to the salesperson and the customer.
  3. Create an open exchange communication channel for information throughout the sales process.
  4. Ask targeted questions that develop a clear, complete and mutual understanding of customer needs.
  5. Discuss products and services in a way that is meaningful and compelling to customers.
  6. Continually deliver value throughout the sales process, even with clients that appear indifferent.
  7. Build a relationship built on shared benefit and value, while openly and effectively responding to customer concerns.
  8. Conclude sales interactions with mutually beneficial commitments that are appropriate and clearly defined to move the sale and the customer relationship forward.

Highly Effective Sales Training for High-Performance Sales Organisations

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6 Ways Sales Professionals Benefit from the Professional Selling Skills Sales Technology Tool

A one-time sales training course jumpstarts your sales capabilities, but true sales behaviour occurs when sellers and managers commit to reinforcing the skills they learned.

Professional Selling Skills includes an app that delivers sales enablement content through reinforcement activities, which can be accessed via your mobile device, for a period following your sales training programme.

This sales technology tool contains the following elements to continually reinforce sales best practises you've learned from the sales training course and offer opportunities for sales management coaching:

  1. Dynamic quizzes that test and measure retention and identify key areas for further sales management coaching.
  2. Ongoing survey questions to measure behaviour change over several weeks.
  3. Poll questions to provide snapshots into the daily activities of sales professionals.
  4. Consumer-grade, mobile-first design to offer a sales technology tool that offers optimal engagement and user experience and allows for focused reinforcement to address learning gaps.
  5. Learning reinforcement of effective selling skills and processes.
  6. Daily reinforcement opportunities pushed to enhance your just-in-time selling efforts.

Why This Sales Training Technique Matters

Whether you're an experienced sales professional or just beginning your career in sales, Professional Selling Skills arms you with a foundational understanding of how to structure your customer interactions for long-term success.

Professional Selling Skills provides sales best practises through an effective sales training programme that you can take with you and reinforce every day through a concise, easy to repeat process.

The sales management training within Professional Selling Skills is also essential for sales managers to build a foundation for top-performing sales organisations. This sales management strategy provides a platform for in-the-moment deal and sales coaching to improve the likelihood of opportunities closing. This also affords managers the ability to align their sales force in using consistent methodology with their teams, improving collaboration and overall cohesiveness.

Professional Selling Skills also benefits your customer experience teams, with these skills your customer experience strategies will become more centred on the long-term value provided to the customer, rather than in-the-moment fixes.

This also creates a more free-flowing, open communication environment, proven to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty over time. This sales training provides the bedrock for sales organisations that have used sales consulting firms in the past and haven't seen results.

Ready to get going with our Professional Selling Skills sales training course? Contact us to start the conversation, and your sales team will be closing more and better deals before you know it.