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Develop better coaches to develop better sales teams.

Professional Sales Coaching™ gives sales managers the skills and framework they need to coach sales teams to success, helping them to develop mutually beneficial, long-lasting customer relationships. Sales managers and coaches learn how to use collaborative techniques to hold coaching conversations, and develop a culture that supports high-performing sales teams.

Professional Sales Coaching™ focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a successful sales coach, including:

  • Why coaching is important
  • What issues require coaching
  • How sales managers should conduct coaching conversations
  • When coaching should happen

This programme enables sales managers to implement coaching processes that promote confidence and success within their sales teams.

Maximise Your Sales Team’s Potential

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Benefits of Professional Sales Coaching™


Build a Motivated Sales Team

Our framework provides support for sales managers to coach sales teams that are motivated and challenged to reach peak performance levels.


Improve Seller Performance

Sales leaders will work with sellers to meet and exceed quota, improving year-on-year performance.


Reduce Employee Turnover

By providing salespeople with direction, support and professional development, sales leaders will help to reduce organisational turnover.


Increase Coaching Confidence

Coaches will practice and deploy skills for handling difficult conversations, increasing both confidence and competence.

Optionen zur Durchführung von Trainings

  • Das Präsenztraining unter Leitung erfahrener Vertriebstrainer bietet eine praxisorientierte Methode für Teilnehmer, deren Erfolg in erheblichem Maße von direkter, persönlicher Zusammenarbeit und der Übung der erforderlichen Kompetenzen abhängt.

Maximise Your Sales Team’s Potential

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