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2017 Sales and Service Summit Series

Thanks for joining us in Nashville

See You at Elevate 2018!

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2017 Sales and Service Summit Series

Thanks for joining us in Nashville

See You at Elevate 2018!

Thanks for attending the Elevate Your Game: 2017 North America Summit

We were thrilled you joined us to learn about the future of our industry through three key areas—training, technology and talent. The conference was an outstanding time to come together and discover how sales and service will evolve over the next decade—and get you thinking about how you can be successful for the long-term. We can’t wait to see you again at Elevate 2018! Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement regarding next year’s conference dates and location—it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Conference Material

We’re excited to provide you with both presentation content and video session replays of Elevate 2017. Click on the sessions you want to view again and download on your own time.

The Three T’s of the Future: Training, Technology and Talent

During this introductory keynote, Byron Matthews, President and CEO, Miller Heiman Group, examined the future of sales and service through three lenses—Training, Technology and Talent. His engaging presentation demonstrated how these three areas are intertwined, and are critical for sales leaders and sellers to prepare for the future.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on How We Sell and Who is Successful at Selling

During this engaging session, Jim Dickie, Co-founder and Independent Research Fellow, CSO Insights, discussed how advances in AI are fundamentally changing what sales people do and how they do it. The presentation also examined how AI is poised to serve as a virtual research assistant, lead generator, sales coach, product configurator, ROI business case builder and more, allowing sales professionals to co-create innovative solutions.

Using Technology to Sell More and Service Better for the Future

In this interactive session, Dana Hamerschlag, Chief Product Officer, Miller Heiman Group, examined the essential role that technology will play in selling more and servicing better for the future. She explored the continuing evolution of technology and digital transformation for sales and service organizations, examined the changing market demand for integrated technology, and highlighted the importance of creating a cutting-edge experience that fits each company, team and culture.

Talent Traits That Predict Future Success

In this thought-provoking session, Kris Erickson, Executive Consultant and former long-tenured Executive at IBM, examined one of the biggest challenges that organizations face for the future—how to predict success in individual sellers. She examined how finding and attracting top sales talent requires more than gut instinct. It requires understanding the right talent traits that will meet the needs of a different selling experience in future sales organizations.

Social Selling for Success

During this revealing presentation, the man behind the success of social selling at LinkedIn, John Mayhall, Director, North America Sales Solutions, shared examples of how the company uses LinkedIn to sell LinkedIn. He provided practical tips for B2B sellers to utilize social selling strategies and identified how to incorporate social selling as part of the sales strategy to take advantage of the future of sales and service.

Conference Photos

Check out photos from the Elevate 2017 North America Summit. Be sure to post your own photos using #ElevateConference and share your memories of this incredible event.