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Sales operations is one of the most firmly established segments of the sales ecosystem, with nearly 70% of sales organizations boasting a dedicated sales operations team—and of those who don’t, nearly 10% plan to install the function in the next year.

Yet despite its prevalence, our 2nd Annual Sales Operations & Technology Report found there is opportunity for improvement. The study found that only one-third of sales organizations met the majority or all of their sales operations objectives.

Download the report to find more insights, such as:

  • How the breadth of sales operations have expanded in the past year
  • The impact that tech stack integration has on win rates and quota attainment
  • The opportunities and challenges that AI and analytics present for sales operations
  • Why a dynamic sales process results in stronger forecasting results

The report finishes with advice on adopting AI, investing in sales data strategy and increasing engagement in sales operations from sales executives.

Download it now to find out how your sales operations can find an extra gear and make stronger impact.