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Today’s sales managers go through somewhat of an evolution when it comes to leading sales teams. At first, they apply their skills thoughtfully and in line with their training. But as time passes, management methods are applied with little thought or reason. As a result, sales managers are not effectively equipped to oversee sales teams and guide them to success.

The 2017 CSO Insights Sales Manager Enablement Report, “Sales Managers — Overwhelmed and Underdeveloped” focuses on the most prevalent challenges faced by sales managers. Featuring data from CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, this report uncovers some common bad habits sales managers exhibit, and how they can create better processes.

Inside you’ll uncover:

  • Why sales coaching is so crucial, and how to get it right
  • How to design and deploy a holistic sales manager enablement program
  • Tips for leveraging technology for ultimate sales manager effectiveness

Download the report to start improving sales management techniques today.