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Watch the Recording: Rethinking Customer Centricity at a Time of Massive Disruption

Join Miller Heiman Group for a series of four thought-provoking webinars that both challenge the notion of how customer-centric organisations really are and test the value of sales training in the era of the empowered-yet-overwhelmed B2B buyer.

Sharing the latest findings from CSO Insights‘ global study on the Top 12 World-Class Sales Practices, Tim MacCartney and Gabriel Tsavaris explore how traditional selling approaches fail to meet the constantly evolving dynamics of the modern B2B buyer.

Webinar 1 – Rethinking Customer Centricity during Massive Disruption
For the last few years, every CEO we meet tells us that their number one priority is putting the customer at the front and centre of everything they do. Yet, we have to ask: Have these organisations truly transformed into customer-centric companies?

Attendees will learn:

  • the effects that evolving buyer expectations create for companies
  • why focusing on seller dynamics alone sets sales leaders up for failure
  • how to move from customers seeing you as an approved vendor to a trusted partner in order to change their buying behaviour in your favour