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Don’t leave customer interactions to chance.

Your sales team’s ability to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace hinges on sellers’ interactions with customers. Conceptual Selling® helps sellers prepare for meetings with buyers, whether planned or impromptu.

Sales success requires both a sales process and plan for customer interactions. Conceptual Selling® focuses on customer-centric conversations, building on the strategic analysis covered in Strategic Selling® with Perspective. As a result, sellers learn how to carefully assess buyer needs, avoiding misalignment between what customers want and what sellers are presenting.

This sales training program provides a simple, repeatable structure essential for anyone who interacts with customers.

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Benefits of Conceptual Selling® Sales Training


Prepare for Sales Conversations

Plan ahead and conduct thorough research, adding discipline to customer meetings that are client focused and results oriented.


Align Buyer and Seller Objectives

Both you and your customers have goals. Align seller objectives with buyer needs to keep everyone on the same page.


Run the Meeting

Use our Green Sheet to organize and develop a detailed meeting plan to engage customers and build win-win outcomes.


Ensure Productive Use of Time

Move opportunities forward by asking the right questions and planning ahead to ensure productive use of time.


Differentiate Your Solution

Conclude meetings with a clear differentiation of your solution that will move the opportunity forward.


Backed by Technology

Our new sales analytics platform, Scout by Miller Heiman Group uses data and analytics to support the methodology of Conceptual Selling®.

Delivery Options

  • Facilitated by experienced sales leaders, instructor-led training offers a hands-on approach for sellers that thrive on face-to-face collaboration and skills practice.

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

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Key Learnings from Conceptual Selling Sales Training Classes

To succeed in sales, every interaction with customers must be treated as an opportunity to move forward or improve the relationship.

Today, effective sales training must put the customer at the center of all sales training courses. Customers sift through more information than ever before, leading to information overload and difficulty in sales planning. When sellers plan for these valuable interactions more effectively, they not only maximize their time with customers, they also increase the likelihood of an opportunity closing and uncover more potential opportunities.

Those who take this sales training course will learn that:

  • Anytime a salesperson meets with a customer, two processes take place simultaneously. While salespeople have typically been trained to focus on the selling process, from the customer's perspective, there is also a buying process that must be recognized and understood. Solving the misalignment between these two processes is an outcome of Conceptual Selling.
  • There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all solutions or value propositions for customers. The only way to understand what will help you win is to ask the right questions and listen. This sales training class provides the simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with customers.

This is one of our most popular and most effective sales training classes available to sellers, often making top-ten lists for teams building enterprise sales strategies and for sales leadership searching for effective sales training courses.

Taking it will allow you to enhance all of your sales interactions with customers, whether you are engaging them in a scheduled, multi-attendee meeting or an impromptu, one-to-one session.

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Five Characteristics of Effective Sales Training Classes for Better Sales Meetings

A sales team's ability to differentiate from competitors often hinges on their ability to provide value to their customers in every interaction.

Sales leadership at companies of all sizes constantly face the same questions. How can I build skills in my sellers that will help them conduct more impactful customer meetings? How can I implement an effective sales training program that provides a framework for my sellers to provide value to our customers every time they interact?

Here are five seller best practices taught in this highly-effective sales training class that will ensure your sales reps have better sales meetings after they've completed the training:

  1. Prepare in Advance. Take time to create a detailed plan ahead of time and conduct thorough research on your customer and attendees of the meeting, adding structure to customer meetings that are client-focused and provide value to both parties.
  2. Align Buyer and Seller Objectives. You and your customers both have goals and aspirations for your partnership. Align your objectives with your buyer's needs to ensure everyone is on the same page and driving toward win-win outcomes.
  3. Control and Run the Meeting. Use the iconic Conceptual Selling Green Sheet to organize your plan and develop a detailed meeting strategy that engages your customers.
  4. Make the Most of Your Time. Move opportunities forward by asking the right questions and anticipating your customer's answers to ensure a productive use of time. Then build a mutually beneficial series of next steps to continue to move the deal forward.
  5. Differentiate Your Solution. Conclude meetings with a clear differentiation of your solution that will move the deal and show your customer that your partnership is built on shared value.

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Connecting Sales Training to Sales Technology

Tapping into effective sales training classes doesn't stop when the course is over.

To drive home the importance of these selling best practices, world-class sales organizations take steps to connect effective sales training classes with their sales technology platform.

Sales training classes must go beyond the curriculum and incorporate an aligned technology capability that allows sellers to complete pre- and post-course tasks digitally, as well as manage their pipeline and track essential activities needed to move their deals forward.

Sales leadership from top-performing organizations can get dramatically increased seller productivity by connecting the curricula of our renowned sales training classes to our award-winning sales technology platform, Scout by Miller Heiman Group, and to our digital learning sales training platforms, which provide anytime, anywhere access to our sales training courses.

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Why Conceptual Selling Is the Right Sales Training Class for You

Conceptual Selling provides value in focusing on something the best salespeople excel at: building strong relationships with their customers. These sellers take the time to build their sales capability and understand their customers, so they can provide value in every interaction.

This effective sales training is the right course for you if you want to:

  • Use our Miller Heiman Group Green Sheets to bring strategy to each and every sales interaction
  • Eliminate non-productive customer meetings
  • Ensure opportunities advance toward closed business with every interaction
  • Develop meeting strategies that lead to purposeful meetings and win-win outcomes
  • Strengthen customer relationships

As a participant in this highly regarded sales training class, you'll receive your own personal edition of the Conceptual Selling course, delivered digitally or in-person based on your preference, so you can access it at your own pace.

You'll also receive access to Miller Heiman Group's Green Sheet Meeting Planner, as well as all digital reinforcement materials that will help you to take your course learnings into real-life scenarios with your clients and start experiencing the power of this structured methodology.

Conceptual Selling is just one of Miller Heiman Group's many sales training classes. Learn more about the other award-winning sales training courses Miller Heiman Group has to offer. A quick conversation with one of our sales training advisors will make sure you're choosing the best sales training to meet your specific objectives.

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Getting Started with Conceptual Selling

Every interaction with a customer is too important to leave to chance. Conceptual Selling directs sellers to customer-focused interactions that help salespeople better prepare for their time with customers.

Optimizing time spent with customers is a pillar for world-class sales training classes, as research suggests that seller productivity increases when the value of their customer interactions increases. The result is purposeful meetings and win-win outcomes.

To maintain a highly competitive team with world-class sales capability, every interaction with customers must be conducted to either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship.

Solving the misalignment between these two processes is an outcome of Conceptual Selling and its emphasis on customer-focused interactions.

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all solutions or value propositions for customers. The only way to understand what will help you win is to ask the right questions and listen. Regardless of the circumstances, this effective sales training class enhances how salespeople execute in all of their interactions with customers.

This program provides the simple, repeatable structure that should be considered essential for anyone who interacts with prospects and customers.