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Connect and build loyalty with customers in high-stakes situations.

Technical support engineers and field service representatives provide service in uncertain environments. With tight deadlines, big budgets, complex solutions and daunting responsibilities, they’re laser-focused on fixing broken products. Each time your field service reps interface with a client—whether face-to-face, in writing or over the phone—they have an opportunity to build and maintain the customer relationship in challenging moments.

Service Ready™ for Technical Support & Field Service helps them build skills to meet and exceed customer expectations,  providing an experience that delights your customers—even in situations that are decidedly not delightful.

Provide High Value When the Stakes are High

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Benefits of Technical Service and Field Support Service Training


Inspire Confidence

Give your field reps the confidence to communicate with your customers in writing and face-to-face


Develop an Exit Strategy

Equip your teams to focus on all possible solutions while defining the scope of the problem and the most readily available solution


Secure Customer Satisfaction

Go the extra mile without increasing service call costs or lengthening the time to resolution


Dial Down the Tension

Build rapport with customers and stay focused under pressure, while ensuring your teams feel secure bouncing back from challenging interactions

Delivery Options

  • With anytime, anywhere access from electronic or mobile devices, Miller Heiman Group's digital learning options are ideal for geographically diverse audiences looking for flexible solutions.

  • Combining the best of digital and in-person learning options, real-time application and digital reinforcement support your learning investment.

Provide High Value When the Stakes are High

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Field and Technical Support Training Is Critical to Improving Customer Satisfaction

Soft skills, including communication skills, are an essential element of delivering an exceptional customer experience that builds customer loyalty. Customer support executives frequently identify communication skills training for their field technicians and support personnel as their greatest area of opportunity aside from technical training. But many organizations don’t devote the time and resources necessary to develop the skills of their field customer service or technical customer service teams.

But when organizations include communication skills in their customer support training curriculum, they see remarkable results:

    • They fix more problems in the first call, leading to higher first call resolution.
    • Their support reps and technicians deliver a consistently high level of service and become strong brand ambassadors.
    • Customers report feeling more satisfied in their overall experience with sellers.

This is where field and technical support training makes a difference.


The Ben­e­fits of Imple­ment­ing a World-Class Field Customer Service Training Pro­gram

This program has helped countless organizations follow customer experience best practices and achieve their customer satisfaction goals. Many organizations say that Service Ready for Field Service has helped them improve their customer experience metrics significantly. It has:

    • Improved their cus­tomer ser­vice qual­ity and competitiveness
    • Helped them create a common, consistent customer ser­vice language across every channel
    • Raised their customer satisfaction scores
    • Increased the number of customer referrals
    • Reduced their operating costs

This customer service train­ing is per­fect for help desk tech­ni­cians, hard­ware and soft­ware sup­port engi­neers and sup­port pro­fes­sion­als at all levels.


What Field Customer Service Reps Learn in Service Ready for Field Service

In Service Ready for Field Service, we share all the skills your field customer service reps need to know to create a customer experience that leads to lasting relationships, regardless of the channel they’re communicating through. Here’s what we cover:

    • Inspiring confidence in field customer service reps by using effective language, improving written communication skills, projecting confidence and using the right tone of voice and body language
    • Teaching field service teams to approach customers to set appropriate expectations and explain that they fixed the issue
    • Watching for clues to better understand customer needs by reading customers, defining the scope of the interaction and planning for the future
    • Developing an exit strategy to resolve customer concerns by managing scope creep, considering the benefits of alternative solutions, securing customer satisfaction, establishing a customer status, setting calibration points, briefing the customer and offering additional information
    • Dialing down tension by learning techniques to help manage customer stress, calm upset customers and build greater rapport


How Service Ready for Field Customer Service Reps Helps Organizations Deliver Results

Our training for field customer service reps teaches all the skills necessary to improve your reps’ ability to communicate positively and professionally with external and internal customers. Our clients report significant gains in overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. One company in the biotechnology industry reported a 151% increase in customer allegiance scores, from 18.4 to 47.3, after completing the Service Ready for Technical Support training. Another digital transformation company focusing on energy management and automation reported a 22% increase in their customer satisfaction (CSAT) score and a 20% jump in their customer promoters, from 47% to 67%.

Service Ready for Field Support training helps technical customer service reps develop skills that help them show customers that they care. Our customer service training will teach your field customer service reps how to:

    • Devel­op a customer-focused attitude
    • Inte­grate ethics and val­ues into the sup­port environment
    • Use language that is positive and terms that customers can understand
    • Use tran­si­tions to move through the call
    • Build rapport with customers
    • Open a telephone call
    • Interrupt the caller
    • Transfer a call gracefully
    • Ask questions to unearth customer needs
    • Refine listening skills
    • Confirm their understanding of a customer’s problems and needs
    • Devel­op a prob­lem statement
    • Clas­si­fy­ the customer’s problem
    • Han­dle requests they can’t fulfill
    • Maintain their poise with chal­leng­ing calls
    • Pre­vent chal­lenges from escalating
    • Deal­ with upset customers
    • Secure cus­tomer satisfaction
    • Clos­e and doc­u­ment customer calls


What Technical Customer Service Reps Will Learn in Service Ready for Technical Support

The Service Ready for Technical Support curriculum teaches technicians a range of customer experience best practices:

    • Winning customers’ trust, including building a rapport with customers, understanding customers’ perspective on your organization’s service, projecting confidence in written communication, using a confident tone of voice and body language and bringing customers in as business partners in resolving their problems
    • Curating the conversation, including how to go the extra mile for customers by sharing additional information that adds value without hurting revenue, how to update the customer, how to interrupt conversations and refocus them and how to set appropriate customer expectations and use customer calibration points, including confirming their understanding of the customer’s problem
    • Negotiating a solution including securing customer satisfaction, focusing on what you can do, providing alternatives when you have to say “no,” saying “no” when you can’t fulfill a request and partnering with customers to work together more efficiently
    • Keeping it cool in challenging situations, including defusing emotional situations, calming upset customers, bouncing back from challenging situations and maintaining a great attitude

One of the biggest learnings that customers report taking away from this program is the importance of keeping customer communications positive: by removing “but,” “unfortunately” and “however” from your field and technical customer service teams conversations with customers, your teams—and your organization as a whole—will see better results.


The Results of Service Ready Training for Technical Customer Service Reps

Our field and technical support training solves critical problems for sales and service organizations, focusing on improving customer satisfaction, lowering service costs and making customer service teams more efficient. We solve the pressing communication and professionalism challenges that prevent organizations from building customer loyalty.

Businesses across a variety of industries report seeing significantly higher results in key customer service metrics after implementing Service Ready Training. Here are just a few examples:

    • A leading healthcare company supplying wholesale medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and healthcare technology increased its first contact resolution by 5.7%, decreased escalations by 29.8% and reduced service recovery escalations to the loyalty department by 62.1%.
    • A financial services software company improved its customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores from 80% to 95%, increased its timeliness from 87% to 95%, raised its first call resolution from 29% to 52% and increased its calls resolved in 24 hours by 9.3%.
    • A marketing technology company improved its customer satisfaction by 11%.
    • A computing technology organization increased its CSAT score by 3% and saw a 15% decrease in escalations.
    • A global sales software company experienced a 38% drop in time to resolution (from 18 days to 11 days) and an 8% increase in same-day closures.
    • A communications technology company improved its customer satisfaction by 33% and its level 2 resolution rates by 20%.
    • A global cloud communications platform dropped its initial response time from 66.2 hours to 31.16 hours.


How Service Ready Field and Technical Support Training Helps Organizations Avoid Scope Creep

All too often, field customer service technicians face the problem of scope creep. Based on the information they get from tech support, they’ve planned to solve one problem, but when they arrive, the customer presents two new issues. Not only does that turn their schedule upside down, but it likely also means they may not have the tools or parts they need to resolve the customer’s problem. And that prolongs the time to resolution—which, in turn, makes customers frustrated and more likely to turn to the competition for help.

Service Ready Field and Technical Support training limits scope creep, because technical customer service reps learn how to ask the right questions of customers, enabling them to learn not just about their customers’ most immediate need but all of their needs. With their improved conversational and other soft skills, technical customer service reps learn the information critical to ensuring a positive experience for not just the field customer service reps, who will be more prepared for every customer interaction, but also ultimately their customers as well.


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Investing in Service Ready training in customer experience best practices for your field customer service and technical customer support service reps will pay dividends. Contact us today to learn more about these field and technical support training courses so your organization can start building better customer experiences that deliver higher customer satisfaction.